Slayer Pro thoughts on big team map changes?

There’s been a lot of discussion about the addition of Slayer Pro to the BTIS playlist. Its fans typically say the don’t like the randomness and chaos of Infinity Slayer, mostly because of personal ordnance and custom loadouts.

I’m curious to know how some of these people feel about the recent map updates. Longbow, for example, now has two banshees, two gauss hogs, and some big Covenant turrets. Vortex now has two mantises and two gauss hogs. Rockets seem to spawn frequently. Big team games on both of these maps now just seem like vehicle killing -Yoink!-, especially in Infinity Slayer, with gauss hogs taking down banshees, banshee versus mantis battles, lots of rockets, and frequent vehicle respawns.

Both of these maps strike me as far more frenetic and chaotic with the addition of these changes and I was wondering how Slayer Pro fans who have played these maps since the update feel. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Add radar and “pro” is the best thing to happen to BTS.