Slayer Pro Random Map Ordinance?

Just a simple question (actually two) about the slayer pro gametype now implemented in IS and BTIS,as I haven’t played them enough to determine this on my own: are power weapons on the map still on random timers like in IS, or do they have set respawn times like the team slayer gametype of prior games? If they are on set timers, is there anywhere I can go to get like an overhead view of each map with weapon spawn locations marked and/or respawn timers indicated?

I don’t want to get into discussing the competitive merits of one gametype versus the other (or at least until the above questions are answered), so please refrain from any nonconstructive posts until that time. Thanks.

I believe they are on fixed timers. The only real way to see that I know of would be to bring up a recently played Pro map in Forge and check it out.

Thanks for the response. The rest of this reply isn’t really directed at you.

It seemed to me, the few times I’ve played (and actually, I’ve only played big team pro) that the weapons were still on random timers, because I’ve yet to encounter a firefight where teams are actually contesting a newly spawned power weapon, which is the basis of everyone’s argument that the traditional/arena method of acquiring power weapons was more skillful than via personal ordinance. One game I was able to wreck because I happened to respawn and run past a rocket launcher that also just respawned right after I did. In another, red team on Exile got a binary rifle (for which I’m not even aware of the spawn location) seemingly from nowhere (certainly not a hotly contested central area), and proceeded to wreck our team. If the argument is that the skill displayed in fighting over and acquiring map ordinance is what makes the game mode competitive, then the argument falls apart pretty quickly when the weapons aren’t actually contested, doesn’t it?

It also seems really tedious to go through forge for each map and do that. Halo Reach had overhead maps that showed all the weapon spawns. Seems lazy that 343 wouldn’t do that for this game.