Slayer Only Playlist

Please add a slayer only playlist, not everyone wants to play objective based gameplay.


Agreed especially in ranked. i wanna see who can kill the best, not just who can run away with a ball O.O (hardpoint/zone control) is ok, but thats a FULL QUE’D team gamemode O.O IMO


yes me too, and I want Free-for-all to come back

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Playlists for every mode avaiable should exist, most of the challenges require you to play a certain mode and you have to rely on luck that you’ll get it.

Really hope we get playlists soon.

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Thank you! This is exactly what we need but I fear folks will stay away from the other ones

I don’t dislike the idea, I also just like to play “Slayer” but there is a problem.

They did the same thing in Gears 5 and the game died 3 months after it came out. 99% of the players exclusively play “TDM”.

Halo-Infinite is doing the same as Overwatch putting “Random” game modes and maps, for the future of the title is the best they can do. You already know that if you come to HALO you will be playing a team-based game.

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YES, I’m tired of playing objective games only. I want to stop playing until they get this fix. Objective is fun, when you have a team. I want to just focusing on movement and learning the new stuff in game, and not worry about objective as of right now. Everything else is good so far

It would be nice to see the MCC style of matchmaking come back for quick play. Pick your team size, and games modes that you want to play and you get matched into those respective games.

Nobody ever really plays modes that they don’t want to play that way.

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