Slayer Mastery

If anyone wants to/is working on Slayer Mastery, put down your gamertag and I’ll message you to make sure you’re on board. I’m very close to achieving Slayer Mastery, and I’m looking for people who want to complete the Slayer playlist together, once I have Xbox Live Gold again.

Warmachine125V. I’m about 70 wins away from slayer mastery and frankly I’m getting bored of playing alone.

If you don’t have slayer mastery then I won’t even ask where you’re at for CTF, Oddball, or any of the others.

Literally just play TS or SWAT or Snipers or BTB or whatever slayer playlist you like. I think you only need ~600 wins or less to max it out. Don’t think about it and go for weapon commendations and it’ll come in no time.

War Machine, I know you watch Red vs. Blue. I used to have the same Halo 4 armor.