Slayer in Ranked

Ever since they removed Behemoth from Ranked, almost every single game is Slayer. I’d say 4/5 are now Slayer. This is really annoying to anyone who likes a balance of all game modes.

343, please make ranked similar to HCS and add a dedicated ranked Slayer for those who like Slayer. As it stands, this is no fun for obj or balanced players.

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Objective modes have no business being in ranked in the first place honestly.


They really need to just return to form, (like they’ve been saying they were going to do for years), and add more ranked playlists. Team slayer and team objective. Easy.

Are you high? Objective mode are what, mostly, decides who the better team is. A dedicated Slayer list is fine and I’d like that too but objectives are the bread and butter of competition.


Ranked should have at least 2 playlist:

  • Team slayer
  • Team objectives ( including Oddball, CTF and Stronghold )

Hilarious. What short bus did you ride every day?

Nah , I’m good. Not in this game when people don’t play objective.

Ya, deciding who is better at playing ring around the rosy in stronghold or who can find the best chokehold where they can jump off to reset the skull in oddball are totally great ways of deciding who is a better team when its a team of 4 random people who don’t use voice chat and half the time ignore objectives anyways…TOTALLY.

Sorry, but objective modes are fun casually, but they have no place in ranked. You have significantly more control over the outcome of a match in slayer than you do in objective modes.

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