Slayer Classic.

343 needs to add a Classic playlist. They did it with the Halo Anniversary maps so i hope they add it soon. No sprint, no load-outs, no ordinance drops, and please real weapon spawns on the map. That it what halo is about. Maps and weapon control.


And they all so need to go back to 1 kill = 1 point!!!

Yeah what is the point of changing that. I guess for the XP, just multiply that after.

Is it too much to ask for a non-regicide FFA?

You know, a simpler step in the ‘classical’ direction?

I played regicide after hearing bad things. Not a big FFA player but wow that was awful.

I’m half way to creating a lockout remake, I’m telling you forging some remakes easy as can be then should just hire a dude to forge all of them. PS why dint the convert “The Cage” over, we have all the pieces in forge and we had spirit and jet pack so there would be no major physics change.

> And they all so need to go back to 1 kill = 1 point!!!

no thanks this system is good. Promotes team play.

I agree, I had hoped they opened a Classic playlist upon release, but that isnt the case.

From what the devs have said, unfortunately, is that sprint cant really be disabled but instead can be edited slightly…no idea how but I digress.

Halo Classic Slayer (and CTF, Oddball, Dominion, and the rest) for the win!

No Killcam, three second respawn, AR and Pistol start with fixed weapon spawns por favor!

Sprint is disabled in Flood.