Skunked Achievement, still impossible.

The hardest part about this achievement is not actually performing the round one victory, no… the hardest part is just getting a game.

Being from Australia, you can search a whole hour in Ranked Invasion and find nothing. You can’t even click off to another window to let it search because you’ll immediately be marked as idle. Look at Steam and Trueachievements groups of people trying to work together to get this achievement, failing and going dormant after four people join the group. Okay so the Australian servers are dead, but the US ones are alive! So let’s just turn off all the servers between here and America, so that’s East Australia turned off, East Asia, East Japan, Southeast Asia… nope, sorry. Can’t disable servers freely. You gotta pick 2 of the best 5 in ping : )

Are you kidding me? So it’s not just that I can’t find a game, I’m also just not allowed to.

Ranked also is playing a big factor into this. I can’t play with people on Xbox. I can’t play with people who use different inputs. My rank is only Rank 1, so I probably can’t play with the tryhards at Rank 30, etc.

There are solutions to this, painfully obvious solutions.

  1. Let people win the achievement without any matchmaking - A bit lame, and will mean that people will just boost by playing games solo and timing out the round, but the achievement is lame anyway so who cares.
  2. Let people win the achievement in custom games browser - Invasion constantly has full lobbies there when they pop up. The experience would not be curated, but hell, it’d still actually be playing the game.
  3. Move/Add Invasion to social games - If infection can have a whole Game Size on its own (12 player (infection)), then Invasion can too (6v6 (Invasion)). Not the cleanest solution, but social games have a way larger active playerbase so it’d still work.
  4. Let people browse multiple ranked playlists at the same time - I feel if people could search in multiple playlists, they’d find games sooner. Invasion may only be a small piece of the pie, but it’d be a piece.
  5. Remove platform/input restrictions from ranked playlists - They are already independent settings in the Network tab. If a player doesn’t want to connect with other players like that, that’s their business, it should not be enforced on players who literally don’t care.
  6. Let us choose what servers we want 100% freely - If I want to play on a 662 ping East Europe server, that’s my choice. I want to play on West US. Average ping is 165. I’m okay with this, stop forcing me to allow Asian servers that are also depopulated just because you decided East Asia needs 4 servers.
  7. Add weekly PvP challenges incentivising people to play different gamemodes, including Invasion - This one is stupidly simple. Want to boost SWAT? Add a season point challenge for 15 kills in SWAT. Want to boost CTF? Add a season point for 3 flag captures. Want to boost Invasion? Add a season point challenge for winning Invasion games before the final wave. This solution could be used to focus the player base in literally any selected direction to help underplayed games.

At this rate, 343 will probably never fix how difficult this achievement is to get. For all they care, everyone got the achievement when Reach launched for Xbox and PC. But even without considering the achievement, these solutions are still great additions to MCC. Invasion is under represented in how MCC plays, it’s a shame for Reach’s most popular gamemode back in the day to just die like this.