Can I have his helmet?
Play as Yabda the Merciless! Master Chief gets ready to save the galaxy and the human race one last time, only to find a sticky note where he left his helmet. Grunty destruction awaits!

Were it so easy…
Play as the Arbiter!

Play as a hunter!

A spartan? No way!
Play as your own custom spartan model!

Wort Wort Wort!
Play as your own custom sangheili model!

Play as a jackal!

Play as a marine!

You get the picture! I want to see playing as multiple species as something in a specific game mode/ campaign skulls/ and custom games as an option.

Sounds like a fantastic firefight. Question is do they just use the baseline health/shield/abilities, or do u what them to have those own attributes?

Sounds kinda strange to me.

Only way this would ever happen is if they were playable in some other way, such as a specific game mode or in custom games. That said, they would have their own attributes, most likely.

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> Sounds kinda strange to me.


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> _A spartan? No way!_Play as your own custom spartan model!

We should already be able to do that as the secondary co-op characters in my opinion. Player 1 gets the main character. Everyone else gets their own custom characters who don’t appear in the cinematics.


> 1. Marathon Skull - Increases player movement speed to twice as fast
> 2. Luna Skull - Decreases player gravity to 50%, allowing higher, floatier jumps
> 3. Swamp Skull - Decreases player movement to twice as slow / half as fast
> 4. Alpha Skull - prevents health from recharging (resets per level), increases wait time for shield recharge
> 5. BOB Skull - Resets checkpoint upon death of any allied Marines in level