Skulls in Halo 4?

Can we have skulls in Halo 4? Like the ones that you have to find and pick up. The terminals are great but I have fond memories of searching for Skulls with my friends in Halo 3.

The skulls were kind of cool, they gave a little extra challenge.

Yeah I enjoyed searching through the campaign for skulls it gave Halo 3 more of a replay value.

I don’t just want terminals though both would be great!

terminals, skulls, and BOBs will all be in Halo 4. JK, but wouldn’t it be something though?

Didn’t find the BOBs nearly as fun, but idk, the more things to look for the better.

BoBs? How about an erickyboo!

Naw, I prefer the BOBs lol.

Whatever is going to be hidden, I’d like a better approach to Halo2’s skulls. That and the the Rings was good. Though hackers found it the nonlegit way. I of course used the other nonlegit way, Youtube :wink:

I’d like more. Assassin would be great to have back. Skulls that effect certain AI might be cool. Such as Anger, Brutes enter rage mode instantly (Or whatever replaces the Brutes in their bullet-sponge role). Rage, makes Elites hunt you down when they spot you (or whatever replaces the intelligent but varying toughness role). And I mean hunt you down. Make Envy turn the Grunt roles into Ninja-towel boys.

Cowbell must return :slight_smile:

And honestly… I know FEAR did it first, but bring on the Spartan-time, even if it is through a skull. It’s ok, Halo had Jen and David before FEAR had them, so :Þ (I keep forgetting to mention FEAR as my second favourite campaign FPS series, WOW I love those games. And just remembered, I love SiN too.)