Skulls in Forge

how about adding skulls to forge. Like you are able to hide a skull in your multiplayer map and it could give you a special action if found :slight_smile: ooorrr just hide it for good ol sake :stuck_out_tongue:

OORRR better yet if its found it will change the map aesthetic wise or bring down the wrath from the unknown. Think Battlefield 4 wise… where buildings collapse, or floods come in and change the map… well it could be similar where when placing in your map you can choose a few options for this…

For example.
(1) a covenant ship comes in (or scarab) and blows up the map killing everyone alive and changes some buildings/pathways and brings in fog and destruction. and banshees fly around attacking.

(2) flood invasion: a meateor comes crashing down and brings the flood with it. turning the dead to new flood the rest of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

(3) forrunners: maybe the halo ring activates and kills all life forms on map and then sentinels fly around the rest of the game attacking ppl.

and more such as guardians or other new enemies . :smiley:

I believe this would be a fun addition to have in custom games at least. Just a little something to think about I guess :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly sure about giving the skulls added effects…Unless it’s strictly for customs or an action-sacky playlist I wouldn’t be for that. If so, it could have potential.

However, a gametype involving finding skulls on the map could be fun. I remember I tried to forge that myself in Halo 3 but it doesn’t exactly work when the oddball has a waypoint over it all the time…

How in the world could 343 program this for use in Forge?