Skulls for Halo 4

Bring skulls back Halo 3 style. i much prefer finding them than just be given them at the start like Reach. Here are some ideas for new ones.

Perspective: makes the game 3rd person ( someone on front page suggested it)

Peekaboo: Gives all of a specific type of enemy active camo. ( We dont know what we are fighting)

Meek: Makes it so you can only carry one weapon and 1 of each grenade type.

Strongside: Makes melee do more damage and grenades are thrown farther. Same goes for enemy though.

You guys got any?

I was credited! :smiley: faints

Totally agree they should be hidden in the campaign but I also want a good variety of skulls, not just ones that make the game more difficult. As someone who has beaten every Halo campaign solo on legendary, and Halo 3 and Reach on LASO, I still want to see skulls that don’t just make the game harder. The Bandanna skull in CEA was a nice addition. I want to see more like that, in addition to the hard skulls.


> Do you guys/gals really want skulls? They were great in Halo 1(CE:A)-3, and I’m sure they can work in Halo 4, but don’t you think it should be a little different? It’s a new enemy after all.

What do skulls have to do with a new enemy?

I want every single skull to be hard to find, not just easy ones (both Halo 3 and CEA had mostly easy ones. I want them to be harder!)

Definitely. And I don’t want a few skulls, I would like 343 to expand the list of skulls. I want it to be bigger then in any Halo game before. And I want a lot of funny skulls. Not just ones which make the game harder. For example, whenever you die, enemies are missing one part of the body (leg, head, body and arm). Or something like that. I’m not that creative, I just wanted to show what I mean.


I want you to have find them again deffinitly, as for the skulls, the best from 3 and cea (malfuntion ftw) but no black eye, bane of my exsistance

My wishlist:

Skull that make allies get up after dying like Arbiter.
Skull that make allies always follow player instead of charging at enemies.
Skull that make Arbiter dual wield when he’s holding a dual wieldable weapon and is next to one.
Skull that makes it possible for allies to use support weapons (i.e. flamethrower). Like when using vehicles, allies will use them if they’re being attacked.

If allies are going to be like the ones in Reach (slow turning, slow firing, slow moving), I want them to be more supportive.

lol did now see your forums but here is mine
nuts-doubles enimies numbers aand respawns them after time
and not sure what it would do but a candy skull i think its ovius why

An enemy skin randomiser skull.

Here’s what I mean (not in Halo 4, because we don’t know what the enemy is):

You’re walking through a mission, and you see a harmless Grunt. Of course, the skin randomiser is on, so the chances are it won’t actually be a Grunt, it could be a Hunter instead, except it’s disguised as a Grunt.

This would mix up gameplay, and make you cautious of every enemy.

Sgt Johnson skull- can only be killed by a spartan laser aka almost god mode in combination with the bandanna skull away

of course they’d have to make it so none of the achievement could be gotten with it on.

I don’t have specific skull ideas, but I want the skulls to be hard to find and hard to get to. In CEA we were promised skulls that would be hard to get even if we looked at Youtube. I held my hopes too high and found none of them actually hard to get.

Skulls need to be something you can be proud of. If there is an armor for finding all the skulls like in Halo 3, it shouldn’t make people be like “Wow, again another guy who watched all the skull videos on Youtube”, but instead “Wow, that guy actually managed to get all the skulls! He must be one hell of a trick jumper. I’ll ask him if he can teach me how to get the skulls”.

I mean, surely everyone of us would like an actual challenge and on top of that something that shows what you have accomplished. At least that’s what I believe.

Fireworks: Killing medium-rank enemy(I’m saying this because we don’t know what we are fighting in Halo 4) rewards you with fireworks
Reflection: Whenever you die, your screen either gets horizontally reflected, or vertically
Superfist: Punching or getting punched launches enemies in the sky (no fall damage after getting launched)

These are probably my most creative ideas I could think of for now.

Reach skull system is better. They should be available from the get go rather than being things you have to find. The reason for this is because finding it is a one time only reward and they are usually really easy to find (not including IWHBYD). If you make skulls too difficult to get to, your -Yoink!- off the LASO community who may not be great trick jumpers, but can stomp the campaign on the throat.

Skulls should be created with the LASO community in mind. CEA:LASO is a huge joke because of the skull choices. I think there should be a set of detrimental skulls and then a seperate set of skulls for fun things. Better yet, you start the game with detrimental skulls and to get the fun skulls (lets not make them skulls either - make them cookies or something) it requires alot of skill (trick jumping, exploring, etc).

Vintage: Turns all sounds in game into 8-bit sounds. This includes every thing including the sound track.

Haha jk but that would be funny.

I like finding skulls. It actually makes you pay attention to the environment of the levels. :smiley:


> > > Do you guys/gals really want skulls? They were great in Halo 1(CE:A)-3, and I’m sure they can work in Halo 4, but don’t you think it should be a little different? It’s a new enemy after all.
> >
> > What do skulls have to do with a new enemy?
> I actually wanted to say trilogy…don’t know why I said enemy.
> I have no problem with skulls and their appearance in Halo 4. It’s just that it feels a little copied. It worked great in previous games, but will it really stay interesting forever?

I think so.
I view it as something that helps tie the last trilogy to this one. It also gives you another option in the campaign besides following the original objective. Keeps you playing the campaign instead of MP.