Skulls and Terminals

So, I’m sure you guys are upset that skulls are pre-unlocked. BUT, we have terminals too. At least we still have something to search for. And maybe the terminals will give secret skulls? What do you guys think about searching for terminals, and not skulls?

As long as there’s something.

well, actually, im really upset there arent findable skulls in campaign. i loved searching for them in previous Halo games (and anniversary) and the terminals have been so simple to find in all the other games its disappointing they choose this route for Halo 4.

but they did say there’s more to find than just terminals in campaign in yesterday’s bulletin, but im not even gonna get my hopes up cause its just probably easter eggs.

> As long as there’s something.


If there wasn’t Terminals to be found I’d be depressed, but there is so it takes the sting out of it. I’d prefer my skulls to be found but hey… it is what it is.

Easter Eggs too to be found.

I’m glad we can a least find the terminals I was disappointed we can’t find the skulls.not worried if I don’t get anything for getting the terminals.

i hope the terminals are hidden. in H3 it was fairly easy to get all of them. in anniversary it was much too easy to get them all.

I am not particularly pleased with not haveing findable skulls, however complaining does nothing and is childish. I think tho that 343 has put in a lot of new features to the game that all of us will be spending our precious time on. Such is defeating the game on legendary for the Mark VI helmet, or completing comendations and ranks to unlock armor and loadouts/armor abilities etc. Were going to be really busy figureing out our own game style with these new matchmakeing features. Maybe thats why they didnt hide the skulls…

Don’t like the idea. I miss unlocking the skulls as in unlocking the Halo 3 Hayabusa by finding all the skulls. But I might like it if they had armor that could be unlocked by finding all the terminals that would be fun.