Skulls and coop?

So, I just tried coop over Live and found the pleasant surprise that many others are complaining about: terrible lag. It’s control-based lag - movement, aiming, firing - doing everything is a pain. Definitely not a connection issue; what a letdown. I can’t believe something this crippling made it through production. Sure you can play with it, but it’s a constant frustration and something unexpected for a halo game.

However, that’s not the point of this post. From reading the forums it appears that you’re supposed to be able to get skulls in coop. Is that correct?

They aren’t appearing for us. We’ve switched hosts, loaded the game 4 or 5 times and still can’t get them on any level. Are you supposed to be able to get skulls in coop, or is this another glitch?


You can definitely get the skulls in co-op but you can only see the skulls in the new skin mode.

Skulls will still appear in Co-op. I’ve done it locally and over Xbox LIVE. Are you on Classic mode because those Skulls won’t show up?

Might have been classic - thanks ill try again


If either co-op partner already has that skull then it won’t show up. Was trying to help my son with getting them via local co-op. He did n’t have any of the skulls yet, but I had most of them already. The only ones that showed up were the ones I didn’t have yet. I used a guest account on local co-op and he was able see and collect the ones we couldn’t see before.

Now in Halo 3 the skulls were always there in co-op, even if your partner had already collected them on a prior play through.

Hope this helps.

The person that already unlocked the skull will not see the skull at its location. However the person that needs it will see it clearly out in the open.

Also, since skulls is new feature for Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary; it will not show up nor the effect will work while Classic Mode is enabled.