SkoolYrdGore's Open Forge Days

Since I’ve not had Xbox Live in well over half a year, I thought it would be nice to start up my Open Forge days again. What’s an Open Forge day you say? Basically I start a forge map with an open canvas of Forge World, and anyone in the Halo Reach community that feels they want to forge, muck around, or just plain out have fun can join my game and do so. Back at the beginning of the year I held this every other Thursday, but since it’s been so long I will be holding one every Monday from 3:55 p.m CDT and ending at 6:00 p.m CDT. But today is a special one because today I will be having Open Forge from 11:00 a.m CDT, which is right now, until 2:35 p.m CDT. So if you’re up for some fun or just some hang out time, just send me a message on Xbox Live or join my game in progress.