Skirmishers are back in action!

When I was watching the 4-5 minute gameplay trailer for Halo Infinite from Gameinformer. I noticed the player scoped in a familiar looking enemy with dual shields on each arm, I knew exactly what enemy that was after a good look at it and it was the T’vaoan Kig Yar! Lore goes that this subspecies was nearly wiped out during The Fall of Reach. Is anyone else hyped that they are coming back? :relieved:


its a shame we have to kill them… So cute :pleading_face:


seeing the Skirmishers come back is great, and it makes sense that some of them would join the banished before the Fall of Reach.


They do be handsome bird people


those bastards are gonna be a menace on legendary, i can’t wait haha

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They weren’t wiped out in the slightest. I hate when people say that as it is categorically false. It was merely their military ranks which were decimated in the Reach Campaign, resulting in them being withdrawn from service until they could be reorganized and refitted, they weren’t ready until the war was already over in December of 2552. Afterwards they reverted back to the typical Kig-Yar lifestyle of mercantilism, piracy, or mercenaries. So the question is why didn’t they return SOONER.


Yes, meleeing them is fun!