Skin pack and expansion ideas for Halo MCC or 5

Expansion list ideas:

  1. I am aware Ridley Scott helps make Night Fall. Considering Scott being the director of Alien, I think it would be cool if somehow there could be an expansion for MCC or Halo 5 where fans of Halo and the Aliens franchise could enjoy playing as Master Chief and fighting off xenomorphs. Finally it would happen, Master Chief meets the Weyland Yutani Corporation’s pets.
    The xenos would be awesome to slay with a shotgun and flamethrower. 343 could even make a pulse rifle from the movie for Chief to use. Survival mode could be local and online, making for an awesome game.
    Also, you could have Spartans, not just Chief (though that’s my boy), fully customizable able to splatter some xenos to doom in the survival mode. The story mode could be Chief just happens to find an old relic of WY Corp., a ship, infested with xenos and a queen, and of course a computer called Mother (from Alien) complete with that terrifying yet awesome alarm.
  2. Skins for Halo CE-5?:
    Would it be fun to see Chief’s or Arbiter’s hands and legs differently? I think so. How about a skin pack for Star Wars VII where your hands become a storm trooper’s or a wookie’s? Maybe something else like 343 teaming up with Jim Henson Studios to make a muppet’s pack like furry Spartan’s or Cookie Monster like hands?
    Personally I think the entire Crash Bandicoot series should be remade for a new generation. No better way to start than by having a Crash set of hands complete with the classic “whoa!” when you get hit or die. Picking up overshields would make the “ooga booga” sound.
    Even more feasible since Rare and Microsoft are together, how about some Banjo and Kazooie subs instead of Cortana and Chief on Halo CE?
    Is it all possible. Of course.
    The greatest: Darth Vader skins for players in Halo 5 or the Fett.
    “Leave Captain Solo and the wookie to me”… I mean, “leave the Master Chief and the agent [Locke] to me.” -Boba Fett

Maybe it would be better if the “ooga booga” happens every time your shield’s recharge. Overshields aren’t everywhere you know?

Swords of Sanghelios Expansion for Halo 5.