Skin Loadouts - Full Customization Options for your Spartan look!

I would really like to have some sort of loadouts.
We have 3 different cores (even though we should have cross-core options for all of them) and a couple of different options to chose from.

It would be nice to have some form of loadouts where I can chose from my spartan customization, stances, AI and effects.
So for example I want to use the shoulder flames for slayer or BTB but want a “normal” loadout slot for ranked because I dont want to have higher visiblity due to flames.
One day I wanna use Yoroi, another day I want to use the MKVII armor.

I wish I could have my Spartans from halo mcc cause then i could say the older ones plus then i get more customizations :sunglasses:

The big bright glowing outline is more of a giveaway for your location than having your shoulders or head on fire!


I’m just trying understand why 99% of what’s in a Halo game is missing. It’s unbelievable…

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I know what you mean but I just would like to have different loadouts depending on games I play or just to switch and vary my options. Otherwise I will always play with the same spartan, stance, AI, Emblem and Backdrop.
It would be nice to have some variations.

Yeah I absolutely agree with your main point and don’t see any reason why this couldn’t be added to the game in the future. As it stands I actually only have one Spartan “loadout” that I’m happy-ish with so it’s a non-issue for me at the moment, but that could easily change if they fix the basic core fundamentals of the game and I decide to spend money or they release more free cosmetics…at the very least there should be an awesome armour pieces and coating for completing the game on Legendary. Essentially, if we can save 4 (?) weapon loadouts for each gun in COD with different attachments and skins, then there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be able to save at least 3 variations for our Spartans in Halo Infinite.

if i remember it good was there a lot off hate against loadouts system in the halo communety since there have been done in halo 4.

i like to see that the loadouts make’s a return in the halo serie’s since it was for me more usefull since i not like frag grenate’s and like to spam with plasma grenate’s.

but there was good hate about it if i remember it good on the forums about the loadouts.

I’m not as big on Loadouts myself, at least in Halo. Having options is fun in games where you can customize everything down to the abilities you can use. The rub here is that the core aspect of this franchise has always been putting everyone on equal footing and fighting for control over certain points to have access to the power weapons on the map. Its why having the different gametypes is so fundamental for the series as a whole, since they offer up different starting weapons.

I think OP is talking about cosmetic loadouts (ie appearance) rather than weapon loadouts like you have with COD…and that would be a big no for me too in Halo.

Yep…there is no place for weapon loadouts in Halo unless a Battle Royale mode is made.

I think a bit of clarification should be made on his part, at the very least. Maybe edit the title cause that topic is something that already got argued to death in the old days, and it could bleed into this one.

i agree also since its now more telling he wane see loadouts for weapons also and not only for the spartan customization.
and if this is not been doing fast by the OP then we can end up in the second big disscusion fight again about it what has been closed for good now and not most reopen any more.

I changed the title here because it seems that there was some confusion.

I am NOT talking about weapon loadouts incl abilities.

I am talking about your Spartan look including Armor, Armor effects, AI, emblem, backdrop and stance.

So you can have different options how you want to look. Your yoroi skins for example has the yoroi emblem and a skull backdrop, with superintendent and the HCS stance.
Your MKVII for example has the splatter backdrop, different colour and armour (obvious), Butler AI and the sniper stance.

It’s just about having to change your looks without clicking through everything and change it manually every time. Otherwise we will always play more or less with the same Spartan look.