Skilled players wanted.

Hey guys I’m looking for skilled H2A players to join SoVx. We have an excellent H3 team but our H2A squad is lacking a bit. If you’re interested in joining message me on Xbox Live. GT: SoVx 2Kwiik
About myself:
-I know all H2, H2A, H3 and H4 callouts
-Okay at Halo: CE
-I know how to control maps
-Excellent BR
-Okay Sniper
-I’ve been leading for eight years
-I don’t care about K/D as long as we win the game
-I don’t mind playing support
-I don’t mind constructive criticism
-I don’t tolerate immaturity or arrogance.
-I’m looking specifically for Slayers, supporters and snipers.

I’ll be sending you a message :slight_smile: