Skilled player in need of more active friends

I’ve been playing Halo for as long as Halo has been around and played competitively back in Halo 3 days. After Reach came out I kept finding myself taking extended breaks from the game (2-3 months at a time). It was nice to get away from the game for a while but I ended up losing most of the contacts I had made with skilled people over time. I just came off a recent break from Halo 4 to find almost NONE of my old friends are still active…

I TRY to play every day for a little while at least. I maintain a 2.5 k/d ratio and would consider myself an upper-tier player (not pro though). In Halo 3 I had 50’s in several playlists (including MLG at one point). I’m just looking for active skilled players to link up with so I can stop rolling the dice playing with randoms. It seems I always end up with the bad team and it’s kind of irritating.

Just send me a friend request GT: Monarch runs H4

Thanks everyone