skilled clan looking for new recruits

Would you be interested in joining The Pride? we are a bunch of good fellows who have skill at reach. We do everything, from Forge to Swat to Infection (speaking of which, we just got in a new infection map, its a great one. check out my Reach file share if you want to see it. We also have our meetings in game, something we do differently from other clans. We have an excellent ranking system (reply if you want more information about that.) and we play on the latest and greatest maps as they are released on Xbox Live. Our home base is the Pride Station. That is where we have our meetings. If you are interested at all in joining our clan or simply want more information about anything, simply email me at the following email adress: (no capitals or spacings)

Or if you want to look me up on Xbox Live, the following is my gamertag:

AbashedRanger (simply type it as you see.)

Thank you and have a nice day.

are you the leader?