Skilled Based Match Making in Halo Infinite

This issue isn’t getting talked about enough

There shouldn’t be SBMM in freaking social playlists, (It exists) I don’t want to be competitive in social, I’m already at the top of my team’s leaderboard most of the time, even though I only get 9 kills and 7 deaths, and I don’t even remember the last time I won a game because of this SBMM. Since there aren’t service records for infinite can’t really give statistics, and I would have to go to a 3rd party website, which I shouldn’t have to do, I don’t want to turn into a sweat

Another post talks about this too:

343i Just get rid of SBMM in social, thats why there is a RANKED playlist smh, I just want to have fun, we all do.
Any other experiences similar to mine?

Edit as of 1/19/2022: I realize that there should be a form of sbmm in social playlists, but not to the extent of after doing good (good as in mediocre kdr] that it puts me instantaneous into sweaty lobbies, I’m not a sweat, I’m just trying to have fun after a long day.
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i am not sure to follow you. in social you suggest to get rid of the SBMM for what. dominate the other player or be crush. SBMM is meant to give chance to get a fair fight each time. noob can challenge each other and good player too. if i would be match again player like shroud or lucid, i would just not play.


I don’t think this will ever happen again.

As @Squidji said above, you’ll either be dominating which isn’t fun, going 50-10 or dominated which also isn’t fun.

If anything, the entire matchmaking should concentrate on not only making Team A equal to Team B but make every member in Team A and every member in Team B similar in skill so not only are the two teams equal but no member of any team are having to carry or be carried.

This is obviously made difficult though, when people duo/triple/quad queue with people of varying skill.


What rank are you?

If you’re diamond 1 and above, then you’re likely above average. So how do you think if anyone not as good will feel if they’re getting matched up against sweats? It goes both ways. As much as you want to not have difficult games in Social, you don’t want silver/gold players getting SMACKED and quitting even faster.

I think a good compromise would be to maybe make it a softer SBMM for social?? Maybe even more so in Fiesta or Big team as well.


@XEQoot I experience this often when teaming with some of my friends. We’ll be Onyx, D4, D2, and Plat 5… Everyone we get matched against is a nice even rank of D5 / D6, so they play as a well-balanced unit with great team shots, ending in similar stats… meanwhile my team has a player or two having a rough time.

@Squidji This is basically how I feel trying to go back and play Fortnite. I was just OK at controller/console with 20-30 ping. But going back now while every 14yo is logging 8hrs a day with KB&M, 2 ping, and 300fps, I am getting fisted literally every other game.

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Seriously? There have been quite a few threads.

There should.

Random only works for an average player. They are the only ones who run around getting “some” good games and “some” bad games.

Everyone else gets a biased experienced.

For the very good players… they get served game after game of chum to feast on. For an Onyx player more than 9/10 of their opponents will be ranked below them. The opposition team will have an average rank of high Gold to low Platinum.

Random just feeds them kill streaks and lots of streamable content.

Then don’t. The amount of fun you have is up to you.

Keep an eye on your game history. As long as you have a W/L of 50% and a K:D around 1.0 then you, and everyone else, should be having some fun.

Ranked needs tight SBMM on the player. Social needs loose SBMM on the team.


This is an age old problem with team mixing.

If your lowest ranked player is “having a good time”… then your highest ranked player is probably “having the best time”… and the entire opposition team ends up “having a very rough time”.

There is no way around it.

At least not with the current game structure. What we need is a playlist that has handicapping of players. If you could somehow bring all players onto a level playing field (with buffs and nerfs to shields, damage, and equipment access) then you could actually have a random matchmaking process.


if the SBMM cannot match you correctly, i agree to use this system but in this scenario, some will be carrie which is better thanteam A diamond team B silver.

it can ‘‘do the job’’ be if you are losing back to back due to this system, it can be frustrating.

Not sure I follow, I meant every player on all teams, ie all 8, similar so no, in theory, they should not be carried.

But then I explained that would be difficult with people queueing as duo etc.

Sounds good.

Except that the lower ranked player on Team A chose to be there with their mates and take a paddle in the deeper waters.

The poor player thrust into Team B probably doesn’t want that type of game with strangers.

Can’t agree with the article you mentioned, it’s not just sbmm that people are leaving the game and the number of players is decreasing, but there are also endless errors, flashbacks, dropouts and missing content.
But yes, sbmm definitely takes the fun out of socializing, and their matching in the rankings is sloppy, I don’t know if they will change, they don’t even mention it.
Cod introduced sbmm for a long time, not a generation has been criticized by players, but it does not affect the popularity of cod, until this generation of most of the bad reviews of cod, they changed the way of sbmm.

There are so many factors to why a player may go on a bit of losing streak.

SBMM is the easy target to take out their frustrations on.

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SBMM can make it feel like you are the worse player in the world at times even when you’re in the top 1% of all players… I’m looking at you Modern Warfare.

However, it is a very necessary thing to have to stop social being completely unenjoyable for most people. I don’t want to play people that can’t fight back. A perfection means nothing to me if it’s against inexperienced players. I had a few on my Team Slayer 50 in Halo 3 and they were very special.

As long as it’s not too tight then it’s calm. I’d say Halo Infinite is pretty relaxed for me, some games easy, some hard.


Yes that exactly what I mean. The perfect world example if we were rating players A (very skillful) to D (:poop:), would be every game to be AAAA v AAAA or BBBB v BBBB etc but unfortunately an A chooses to party up with a D so then the game does something similar to ADBB v ADBB, like you say the D who chose it chose it so tough, the D that didn’t gets salty and leaves :joy:

The point was instead of OPs view of removing SBMM altogether, we should do the AAAA v AAAA thing but unfortunately players themselves cause that to fail by being sociable with people that have varying skill


SBMM is intended to level the playing field equally, but in practice it falls on its face. Battlefront 2 (EA) has unfiltered matchmaking, and most matches end up being relatively even.



If ranked is AAAA vs AAAA then a looser SBMM in Social would work with ABBC vs ABBC etc. The problem, as you pointed out, is when people try to introduce an F in into the mix.

There is so much they could do with a handicapping system to even games out. Even dynamically in-game. It would take a different mind-set on behalf of the players - but hey, it’s “social” so it could work. And then you could have a genuine random match making.

Or concentrate more on playlists with more of a FFA than team orientation. Variants of Oddball, Infection, or Juggernaut.

These two things are not mutually exclusive. I often play casually even in ranked, so a little sbmm in social ain’t gonna make me sweat unless I’m looking to do so.

Just play as you want to. Sbmm is there to prevent unbalanced teams and honestly could be stronger in that regard. But if you ain’t feeling the sweat, then kick your feet up and relax. No one is forcing you to be competitive.

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Infinite sbmm is so stupid, when I tanked a game after the next game will be extremely simple, on the contrary, I seriously get a good record after the next game will be very difficult to figure out the rules after completing the challenge is very easy but also deprived of fun.

This for the win.

In all the years I’ve played Social I’ve never sweated. Not once. It’s all about the fun.

Half the time I am too busy tea-bagging someone to care about my K:D (in fact, the lower the K:D the funnier it is).

The number of times I die trying to Mint Blitz the -yoink- out of someone is embarrassing. And I emphasise the word that there is only try. There is no do.

My mate Snoozer is not very good at Halo. But he loves to drive the Warthog. You know that getting into the passenger seat is a death sentence. But you do it anyway… and you wildly celebrate every corner he takes without plunging us off a cliff.

I really think people who find Social games sweaty are way too focussed on the win and/or their K:D. They can’t let go. They can’t have fun unless they are 20 points up with a double digit K:D. I can sweat it out in ranked with the best of them (even though I’m not really that good)… but I worry that people have forgotten how to have fun.


I think your idea of the difference between ranked and social is not accurate.
Social playlists are for people who don’t want to bother with try hard strats or call outs but just want to hop in for a game. It’s NOT for a lack of competition. You still are challenged to play, you just get to lone wolf it.
Ranked is for the hardcore callout’s, strategy, and intense gameplay.
We want skill based matchmaking for both because whether you’re making callouts and working your hardest to win or just having fun, you still need to be challenged to do your best.