Skill & Merit VS "Unintrusive" REQ System

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We’re not idiots Frankie, you Jambo.

Ever since Halo 5’s launch, years before EA’s disasterous -Yoink–up, we knew that the REQ system wasn’t “Player Focused” and “Unintrusive”, it was a clogged up mess of over 200 Armour and Helmet base armour and little to no effort reskins that could’ve been unlocked in any other Halo game via a player playing the game and working for it, not having to sift through countless amounts of low tier mongooses and the same armour base with different patterns of white lines on them. Any content that gets put into a system that requires hours upon hours of earning stuff I’d never want if I had a choice, but I can pay to MAYBE fast track my way to what I want IS NOT and will never be player focused. Its profit focused and anti-consumer. The REQ system was one of the major reasons people hated Halo 5, it took what used to be a fun ride to looking the way you wanted, earning coveted armour that other lower-skilled players couldn’t get and turned Halo 5 into another udder on the Halo Cash Cow for Microsoft to rip off and let the flow gush into their pockets.

Here’s the interesting part; the REQ system would be fine, IF it was just for REQ weapons and vehicles. Party weapons built for what was essentially a Big Team Party Mode.

The rest should never be hidden behind a monetized RNG slot machine padded out with repeated content to slow the process.
Armour, Assassinations, & Stances - Bought via a Credit System with NO monetization or unlocked via Achievements and Commendations.
Emblems - These shouldn’t even have to be unlocked.

Let that “Unintrusive” statment serve as 343i’s “sense of pride and accomplishment” moment and make an actual “Player Focused” unlock system, that focuses on Player Merit and Skill, not the Player’s Wallets.

There is already an active thread on this; if you can be a bit more constructive give it a read and respond there.