Skill improvement

I have met hundreds of people on halo 5 that really want to improve but they just do not know how and where to start. Honestly, the biggest thing is to trust the process. This means to find what playstyle works for you and what settings work for you. This includes sensitivity. I highly suggest a sensitivity that will allow you to react quickly but also allow you to aim in on a target precisely, so here are some suggestions; (4 sensitivity, 3 accel), (4 sensitivity, 2 accel), (3 sensitivity, 3 accel), (1 horizontal, 5 vertical, 5 accel), (3 sensitivity, 4 accel), (4 sensitivity, 4 accel), (5 sensitivity, 5 accel). I personally use 4 sensitivity with 2 acceleration and 0% inner dead zones and 8% outer dead zones. Mix it up to what feels best for you. Also where it says “horizontal” and “vertical”, if you did not know, you can click the “look sensitivity” option and it will bring a drop down menu which gives you more options to perfect your sensitivity. I also highly suggest turning your inner and outer deadzones to (0,0%), UNLESS you unfortunately have stick drift. In settings, there are multiple changes that can be made to improve your gameplay. These include:
-Turning off “auto stabilize”
-Turn on “disable assassinations”
-Turn off “maintain sprint”
-Turn on “hold to clamber”
-Turn off “clench protection”

In terms of actually improving that refers to movement and intelligence on the battlefield, what I did is I was lucky enough to find someone that is quite experienced at the game and is a high champion tier player to pick me up and coach me. I would like to mention that person who is “Its Promethium”. Most people are not lucky enough to find these types of people so what I suggest is watching YouTube videos on a select few players who are great teachers for those who are unable to get help themselves.
Helpful links: (highly recommended) (full playlist of map callouts, also highly recommended)
(if you have any questions, feel free to reply to this topic and I will respond as soon as I can!)
I am also always down to help coach anyone that needs it, just add my gt: Acalate. I also have discord: Dom#2275. Message me afterwards and I’ll be checking my messages daily.

Disabling auto-stabilize and turning up my look acceleration were the first two settings I changed in H5, and I’m really glad I did. Sometimes auto-stabilize can get in the way if I’m using one of those conveyor boost things, and the standard look acceleration was too little for me. I feel that I really improved after that, and would encourage everyone to find settings that suit them