Skill based social playlist makes the game worse.

Out of all the issues in the game, I think the biggest thing that is limiting my enjoyment of the game is the skill based matchmaking in social playlist.
I really just play a lot of social stuff just because it is fun that I don’t have to think or worry about sweaty players getting annoyed if I am not performing to the best of my ability. I love watching videos while i play and zone out to have fun, this is impossible outside of BTB because I will be paired up with and against a bunch of onyx players. If I want to play sweaty games I would go to rank where my matches can progress my rank as well as put me with people around my skill range. If I just want to play Team Slayer I am just in the same kind of sweaty game as rank without the progress on my actual rank.

What makes this all worse is I feel like this is limiting the possibilities of a local game because of the lack of diamond/onyx players in Australia compared to the US. I do think social should still balance out skill ranges somewhat, LIke maybe chuck an onyx on the other team to counter me if there is one available, but there is no fun people who are just wanting to enjoy themselves jumping around, trying to get kills with silly weapons and all that :frowning:


After a certain point you get messages even in social…

Felt this so hard, I kept going against cross map quickscoping and overly aggressive enemies trying to get Bell Toll and waiting next to the shock rifle so i could get easy perfects.

Love the pfp, btw.

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I don’t know that the issue is as simple as “skill based matchmaking ruins social gameplay”, but the current implementation of SBMM is about the worst I’ve ever seen in a game and is not good for either social or ranked playlists, no matter how much smoke the devs and two or three players on this forum blow to the contrary.

The current implementation of true skill 2 needs to be scrapped in its entirety and re-tooled. The game needs to match based on a visible per-playlist rank in ranked mode, and social modes need the SBMM tuned way down, particularly in casual silly modes like BTB and Fiesta.


What ever happened to actually being allowed to be good at a game? This level of SBMM is the worst thing to happen to online gaming ever, in my opinion. Where’s the incentive to be good? It will never show on the scoreboard.

You will just continuously be put against harder and harder opponents until you are literally trapped in a tiny group of the same players playing each other over and over again.

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