Skill Based Matchmaking In Social Needs To Go

I don’t mind it being in the game but ADD PARTY MATCHING. If I go in alone I should NEVER face a full team of sweats in social.

That’s my main gripe, add party matching PLEASE!

That’s a LOT of people.

Doesn’t seem to stop anyone.

And while I am only mid-range… I have played games where I’ve been matched with and against Silver/Gold. It was God tier (and a tad boring).

So SBMM makes games fun / even for 90%-plus of the population.

As a general rule it seems to be high-Diamond to Onyx players who come to anti-SBMM threads. They don’t like having to play each other - they can’t switch off from their rank play mentality.

Maybe we need something else for them do?

I know there was some info from 343 that Diamond was a bit bloated early and that they were waiting to see how it settled down.

But HaloTracker would tend to have biased numbers because the service they provide attracts the more competitive players.

They are the ones who probably win either way. But SBMM provides closer games more regularly - which to most people is fun.

The losers are the ones to the left of the curve… and it’s important to retain these players for a healthy population going forward.

The silly thing is taking a bunch of competitive players and throwing them into the same game and map set ups (all finely honed to be competitive) and expecting a different outcome.

Social needs to bring a different flavour.

First up I would make it multi-team. 3v3v3 only adds one more player to the map - but suddenly you are outnumbered 2:1. Straight away you’ve added chaos. Map control is out the window. Get out there and have fun!

Take the focus off the power weapon and equipment spawns. That stuff is dripping with sweat. Instead add more power weapons to the map. Don’t turn it into Fiesta - but just make sure the stuff is spread around a bit more.

Maybe everyone could spawn with a piece of equipment.

And then add in a little bit of handicapping to the game. Depending on the player and team scores. Nothing life altering… but if a power player goes on a killing streak then pop their shields until they die. Similarly if a player dies without registering a kill twice in a row then let them respawn with an overshield. If one team gets more than 10 points up then make it so they can’t see or pick up the power weapons or equipment.

It doesn’t have to be much… but if you take the focus off the score a bit - players can just get out there and have fun.

Throw open the scoring system. At the start everyone is worth one point… but during the game it changes on your K:D. Killing someone with negative K:D becomes zero points… while someone with a K:D over 2 is double points. Kind of like a mini-juggernaut system. Or even make the score for each kill the victim’s K:D (including negative).

At the end of the match take the spotlight off the score and toxic stats such as K:D. Don’t even show the K:D for objective games. Instead show off the MVP (most damage leading to a kill or most metres with the flag). Maybe reward players for certain medals (eg. this game’s focus medal is for backsmacks). Show an endgame video of the best multi-kill.

There is so much they could do to mix it up.

It really does need to be loosened in social.

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More game modes and playlists would be great. But the casual alternatives to slayer and objective game modes do not need to be a 24/7 sweat fest just because you tried hard in one ranked playlist.

There are plenty of losers on the right side of the curve due to the strict sbmm too. a healthy population going forward unless you are too good than you can spend upwards of 10-15 minutes just to find a sweaty game.

That is a neat idea for a game mode. But a horrible experience for a regular game. Reward people for being bad and punish players who are doing good? The current SBMM already does that.

Stats are stats. There is nothing toxic about k/d. It’s and FPS if K/D bothers you enough to call it toxic play animal crossing.

Agreed here.

If the game is slayer than the highest KDA should be MvP. If its CTF the person who captured the most flags should get MVP. There is nothing MvP about doing random stuff.

Only to the bottom 20%. Majority of mid tier players do not notice or care. And the ones that put in the time and effort to “get gud” get punished for it. At least in this current SBMM.

You said that SBMM need to be loosed. I agreed that that would be the best option. I just realized we’re arguing for little to no reason and mostly splitting hairs when we really don’t need to.

At best, it should try to pair similar set ups at first. But if it cannot be done then it should fill up like normal regardless of set up.

Well if population wasn’t an issue then it should be like how ranked is with solo/duo. It’s not right that ranked has that but social doesn’t. It’s pretty normal for square to sweat in ranked

Social’s meant that anyone can interact with one or another though, if we’re technically speaking. That’s why it’s called social…

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I get that SBMM doesn’t necessarily work for the top end of town.

What I don’t get is the solution where the average (and especially below average) player has to be sacrificed to make them feel better about themselves.

It wasn’t about rewarding or punishing anyone.

It was about creating a social gaming experience where a range of skills can come together and compete and have fun.

I’m not saying that any of the suggestions I put forward are necessarily the best ones… they were just “out the box” examples. But having some sort of handicapping system would be fantastic - you could then go straight to connection based matchmaking without a care in the world.

But the mind-set that losing the upper hand against lower ranked players is a punishment speaks volumes.

I was mainly speaking about objective games (which we seem to agree on).

But it’s shadow also extends into Slayer types.

There are a lot of people who equate K:D to “fun”. That’s not chill.

And thanks for the suggestion, but Pokemon Go is already my go to.

Why are you being punished?

95% of the population wish they were good enough to be Onyx.

Why can’t you have fun in your zone so to speak? I happily sweat in ranked… yet have no problem mucking around and having fun in social. At what stage does the mind-set suddenly turn so sour?

And if you want to play (and chill) with plebs - what is the problem in being handicapped down to our level. Apart from not being able to “flex”.

What did the rest of us do to deserve being fed to the Lions just because we can’t “get gud”.

when my que times are wayyyyyyy higher than my brothers sat right next to me, when my lobbys tend to be us east when im uk but my brother gets uk lobbys no issue, and when my social games are just as hard as my ranked games

i dont feel like im having equal fun to the person literally sat next to me.

i dont even need to pick apart the rest of your point, all imma end on saying, is SBMM belongs in Ranked, and social should ONLY be connection based, drop your participation medal mindset right now, because that crap is ruining gaming, i didnt cry about sucking at every game growing up, i grinded and earned the right to dominate kids who suck, like, i was where they where once, why do they get off easy? we didnt.

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also, everyone whos good at video games, once sucked and got thrown to the wolves by matchmaking, thats how you literally get better.

quit being so entitled, why do you deserve to avoid having to play people better than you? nothing, you dont deserve any kind of special treatment.

An over exaggeration. The teams would all be equally random most of the time. These mythical one sided stomps were never as regular as you’re trying to make it sound.

If someone is getting a spree and now because of that they cannot have shield that is a punishment for being good. If someone dies twice without a kill and gets an overshield that is a reward for being bad. You may have not intended it that way but that is what that system/gamemode would be.

You don’t need to be a 1% to get a kill streak and be put on a disadvantage by having your shields taken away. If I’m a good player I can abuse your handicap system by killing myself twice to get the over shield. No down side.

What shadow? The objective of the game is kill more and die less than the other team. I’m not saying k/d=fun. Just that it’s the objective of Slayer so it should be the goal of the MVP. It’s the one place where it makes sense.

Same here. I genuinely do not understand the mindset of people who want to sweat in the casual playlists. It seems like around diamond 3/4 you get matched against more sweaty people who are ready to kill you right off of spawn.

Same. I hope to get some new shinnies in the Jhoto even.

How would it be fair to my bronze teamates to have someone who has no shields on their team? This whole system sounds like a big “screw you.” I’d like to use the disruptor or the ravager. Guess what. If I’m forced to be handicapped I will have to play like a sweat just so I can move from a->b because getting hit a few times will kill me. Bringing me back to the square 1 of no fun, all sweat.

No need to be dramatic. At most 1/10 of the game you’d play would be a complete stomp fest. The majority would be fairly balanced or you having someone good on your team who helps you out. I have been the worst halo player, the ok halo player, and an OP halo player. My performance has gone up and down like a roller coaster. That statement about being fed to “lions” you keep making is nothing but an over exaggeration.

No need to be this dramatic when both you and I have said that the SBMM should be looser. I’m fine with not matching against or with bronze players, I just simply do not want to be matched with only high diamond and onyxes. Throw me some high plats and low diamonds.

Especially since at the moment, it seems that there is a hidden MMR assigned to your account, so it’s shared across Ranked and Socials.

If you do well in Social, you will be thrown against higher Ranking players more often and your rank score could be affected by this as well, be it higher gains or lower gains.

I honestly don’t notice any SBMM in social.

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If you are picking random numbers from a population the spread either side is going to reflect the % of people at your level. If your at the 95% mark - only 1 in 20 of your random opponents is going to be better than you.

That’s a lot of stomping.

We are supposed to learn from our mistakes.

Isn’t the idea to grow the community? Not bully them out of it.

If i join a local cricket club I’m sure they will start me off in the 4th grade so I can learn and improve. Not rub their hands in glee that they’ve got a noob for the 1st grader bowlers to terrorise with 140km/h thunderbolts in the nets.

That’s still some low lying fruit.

I’m (very) low Diamond and while I can hold my own against mid-Diamonds… I start to struggle vs D5 and above. There seems to be a huge skill gap in transitioning from about there upwards.

High Platinum to mid-Onyx is huge. It’s still an MMR gap of 1100 or so to, what?, say 1750.

We probably need the option for everybody. A bit like Halo 5 did where you could prioritise your MM on skill level or connection.

That’s 1 out of 5 games, at worst. Assuming that the better player is not on your team. Assuming that the better player can 1V4 every encounter. Assuming the other 3 people on your team are at your skill level and not a mix of different levels who could put up a fight. Assuming the other members of the team are better than you and not the same skill or lower. If all these things do not come together it will be a pretty close game.
There is a lot that goes into a stomping, it’s not just one guy who is good. Hell, that one guy can go 27/2 and still lose the game.

Losing game =/ bullying

Matchmaking is not the same as joining a sports club. What you described is joining a esports team or a tiered clan. Matchmaking is closer to a pickup game with random people in the park. Nobody submitted any papers or had to try out or pay money. You’re just playing a game. If you lose the game the other team did not terrorize you and you were not bullied out of the park or sport.

Not asking for me to only match with/against them. Asking for a larger mixed pool where these players could be on my team and the other team.

We had this since Halo 3. This would be nice for it to be back.

Ok do you want my honest opinion, I’m going to say what my dad said and that’s “suck it up” and “get good”

If you have trouble play bots and practice

Or play campaign on normal and come back

The reason I like it is because it reliably gives me good teammates. There is nothing more frustrating than getting thumbless potatoes as teammates.

Other players’ lack if skill is nobody’s concern but their own. You want to goof around? Private match.