Skill Based Matchmaking… HELP

I have grinded A LOT of Halo Infinite. Over 500 games. I love it overall. I know most people have discussed their displeasure with the in-game store and the progression, but the biggest issue with the game to me is the Skill Based Matchmaking system that plagues the game. I understand the need to match players with others of similar skill. But it has destroyed the fun of just hopping on and playing some casual games.

I think the ranked playlist SBMM needs work as well (I’ll leave that topic for someone else to cover), but when I play that at least I EXPECT a hardcore set of games. But Quick Play for me has become the ultimate sweat-fest Every. Single. Game. What makes this whole situation worse is that whenever I play with friends who don’t play as much as I do, they have to suffer through these games too. It is just an all-around unfun time.

PLEASE relax the SBMM system for social playlists. I want to play this game more (even if my Battle Pass is complete). I haven’t considered creating an alt-account in years, but if it’s the only way to play with friends, I guess I may have to. But if every game I load into is like a tournament matchup, I will just have to play more of other games instead of Infinite.

Thanks for the read.

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Completely agree with this. I’m onyx and I’m a try hard, but when I save that for ranked. When I want to chill and play with some of my buddies in quick play I don’t want to play like I’m competing in a tournament where $200k is on the line. I want to chill lol.