Skill Based Matchmaking has turned casual Halo Infinite into the most inorganic gameplay we've ever experienced. No more Digital Dictatorship. Remove SBMM from Matchmaking

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The system is rigged.


Do we really need ANOTHER thread on SBMM?

The MM is struggling because of;
a) low population
b) squads of friends with a spread of ranks

It’s frustrating. We get it. And some people get stuck in rank pockets which leaves them either carrying in every game - or hanging on for dear life.

It’s not as fun as we want.

BUT. Random matchmaking is not fun. It’s just a feed of -yoink- players for good players to feed on. We know it bad for player retention - and the last thing we need now is to lose more players.

The vast majority of people who want random-BMM are;

  1. Very good players who love to show off their KD.
  2. Streamers - who rely on crappy opponents for their streams.
  3. Average Joes who think SBMM is causing the current team structures (spoiler alert - it’s not).

It’s rigged I tell yah. RIGGED!


Lmao it’s not rigged it’s just geared towards 1v1 slayer not a team play ranking

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I just want to play people around my level of skill, I don’t want to face off people just starting off and ruin their experience. We need more new players to get into the game to keep it afloat. Tossing them in with seasoned veterans would be a disaster. They’re not going to want to stay if they keep getting stomped every game. The people that actually want this scenario are the actual problem children here.


This happens far too much at the moment and the worst part is I usually have to keep stomping them in order for my team to have any chance of winning the match.

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It’s not very satisfying is it.

Fingers crossed that 343 get off to big start with Season 3. I get the impression they are gearing up as a bit of a reset.

Population is everything.

PS. How are you even getting ranked games? I’ve tried since the last Season reset and time out every single time. I don’t want to open the matching though - the average of 200ms+ last Season was brutal.

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Fingers crossed here too. Not satisfying in the least. Especially when you check the stats afterwards and they have less than 5 games played.

No ranked for me. I can barely get even get BTB. Fortunately Quick Play still seems well populated.


But that’s exactly what causes low population, all those failed decisions like trash SBMM, forced crossplay, firced regional MM etc. Jesus F***** Chris when will you people wake up and open your eyes already, stop defending those trash designs that are what kills the population in the very first place.

That’s also exactly what’s going on right now, you basically get two “bots” in both teams who serve as nothing but punching bags, guess for how long those people will stick with the game?

MM should first and foremost match you with people that are nearest to your area so you all play on the same ping level, not people that are hundreds of miles away for sake of some fake, rigged set up teams, which at the end of the day feels like a 1vs1.

And you can’t really say there’s a low population to begin with if you’re getting into a match on a matter of a few SECONDS at any given time of day, it means the opposite, that thete are tons of people playing the game at any given time. But with such SBMM, connection isdues and forced crossplay it’s only a matter of time when the hame indeed reaches pre-S2 level of population, which I sincerely hope happens so maybe someone at 353/MS will finally open their eyes and do something, something good, about this game.


I’m totally with @Darwi that SBMM is the right solution and that it’s no coincidence that every modern FPS uses it. When working even remotely well, it will give a greater percentage of players, fairer and more fun matches.

I also agree with you that Infinite’s SBMM has never done a very good job. It’s never managed to consistently find people low ping games even when there were heaps of people online near launch. Even now (when there aren’t many people online in many regions outside the US) it still seems too eager to start a game with potentially diamond ranks vs brand new players that can’t even move and aim at the same time. Ditching SBMM won’t fix that at all.

Local region match making has stoped me getting lots of high ping games and I do still regularly get hard fought matches so SBMM is working in some ways. It just needs to take a little longer and greatly reduce the maximum skill spread whenever possible.

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And when you people stop trying to blame SBMM for the population situation?

Infinite has many problems - and it’s clearly multifactorial.

And because we know that uneven games are actually a factor that tends to lower player retention - it doesn’t make sense to blame SBMM on Infinite’s woes.

And how exactly do you think that random based match making will end up.

You’ll get the same, if not wider, range of ranks in a game - except now it’s more than likely only one team will have a player farming their KD.

Punching bags - but now with no hope of winning the game.

In certain areas. For certain play lists.

And in those games the teams feel much closer in terms of skill.

It would be handy to have multiple sliders. So players can emphasise their own priority. Ping vs Skill matching - and a time threshold you are willing to wait for either.

While nice in theory, imagine how much more complexity that adds to the matchmaking algorithms. They haven’t managed to nail the normal system yet and I think that would actually be enough if they got it sorted.

With ping-based MM there will be a chance the teams will be inbalanced, key word - a chance, not something that’s 100% guaranteed by design, but at the same time it’ll guarantee that the connection side of things is being handled well, instead of, again, having 100% guaranteed by design that a match will consist of players located hundreds of miles away from each other from multiple different countries across entire continent with dozens of ms ping differences between them.

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Doesn’t local region matchmaking fix all those same problems for you?

Just turn your regional settings on local? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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And where did they say that? I have literaly never heared anyone say that giving the option to only search on local servers would kill the game.

So perhaps you can provide me with a quote?

This option can be found in the settings, under Gameplay->Matchmaking->Search Region. The default is “Expanded”, which is the existing behavior: we try to match you in your region but will allow matches outside. Changing the setting to “local” will limit your matches just to your region.

It is definitely not turned on by default. I suggest you check your settings a confirm what yours is set to. It may just fix most of your problems with the current match making.

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its not rigged lol but the low population isnt helping. the SBMM is not the problem. Just slightly irritating for some people.

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