Skewer should nail people on the wall!

It would be a nice feature to see ragdoll bodies being nailed to a wall by a skewer, team fortress had this feature on bow headshots and it felt really satisfying. Imagine spartan ragdoll flying with the skewer bolt… maybe even add a possibility to line up and nail multiple enemies with single shot. This would make for great medals and amazing gameplay.

That would be great, imagine seeing a Spartan get pinned to a moving vehicle.


If the dinky little Half Life 2 Crossbow can do it, then the great, big, Banished Skewer can certainly do that - and more, horrible things.

i agree i honestly thought it would being that it can one shot almost every vehicle haven’t tried it on the scorpion yet. If you can one shot a vehicle you should be able to nail a spartan to the wall i think it would add a really nice aspect to actually hitting a spartan with the skewer.

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I like this idea, but it might be more of a headache to implement depending on the collision is implemented.

Maybe a check for distance to wall or angle to ground on a kill shot, then the ragdoll being pinned if it passes the check. Which assuming the client side ragdoll ties into that would give you a hilarious death animation.

Although again, easier said than done depending how things are built. :smiley:

Awesome idea! Brings me back to the Dead Space days haha

Been saying this since the first flight lol. The only thing the weapon is missing.

Allow blood DLC so it can also leave a big splatter on the wall behind them.

Dude imagine how their death cam would look haha. Nail em to a wall and team mate walks by and punches them. Nab it would be hilarious.

On a side note…that gun had the most satisfying sound to shoot to me. It just sounds awesome.

FEAR used to do this with the nail gun and it was awesome.
Would love to see that in Infinite.

i would love to see a spartan corpse nailed to a wall…I’m not sadistic i swear

Nailing enemies to walls gets my vote every day, as does more blood. There’s no reason for Halo not to have visceral animations and blood splatter, even if it’s just on toggle, let us choose the level of violence, blood and gore.