Skewer not shooting anyone?

I arrived to a point where I had to write about it! Every single game that I use the Skewer, a few shots aren’t getting out of the gun. The last time, the guy was running away from me in a straight line without noticing I was right behind, easiest of all shot, I press my trigger and nothing. I press again but too late, the guy changed direction and I missed my shot, wouldn’t have missed if it went out the first time. This happens every game, and it also happen some times with the sniper and rocker, but I feel like it is worse with the Skewer. Anyone have this problem?

I haven’t seen the same issues you’re discussing but Skewer shots need to be damn near perfect in order to land, even if your prey is running in a straight line. One quick turn or crouch or a sudden split second lag will mess with the spike as it travels to its target. Even slightly adjusting your Aiming Stick or Mouse before firing can alter the trajectory the tiniest bit. Also, remember the spike has serious bullet drop when used at a long range.