Skewed Ranking System

I would love to hear from a 343 rep on this.
How exactly is your ranking system figured out. Its complete -Yoink- in my opinion.

So me and 3 others completed 10 straight matches in Team Arena. Went 7 and 3. I went positives all but 1 game, got flag captures, helped assault and got bomb arms and hauled -Yoink- on strongholds multiple times.

How in the hell did two get gold 3 and 6 and I got a silver 3 and the other who bombed got a quick silver 2? I think it’s distasteful because multiple times we beat people with plat and even diamond ranking and I get awarded this crap??

I want an explanation.

I keep believing I have finally figured out the ranking system, then I laugh.

I too would like an answer on this topic.

No clue. Kee placing plat or diamond for ffa when i have always got to onyx comfortably. I beat onyxes on placement too so it makes no sense! I think it is a massive joke how it works.

its based on only win loss ratio, its an exact copy of Starcraft 2’s ranking system.

Not saying thats bad but i too perform very well and and stuck in mid platinum and sometimes get randomly placed against diamonds and onyx

I have decided it’s completely random, someone posted earlier said they lost 2 out of 8 games and was awarded Platinum.