Sketch: “Season one feedback outcomes/info”

What can you possibly say at this point for next weeks update.

343 has done the bare minimum to support this game so far. These update posts they are coming up with are honestly annoying at this point.

Let me give you some info and feedback outcomes regarding your blogs and community engagement.

Nobody trusts you 343. You’ve smeared this franchise and should feel ashamed. Coming out of season 1, you’ve left your fans disappointed and spiteful. Good job.


Its sad to admit. But it looks like its turning out that way. I defended 343 through H4, H5, and MCC. Now im just sad. Sad, tired, and disappointed.


Maybe if 343 asks nicely Bungie will let them have a tiny paragraph at the end in their regular “This Week at Bungie” articles.


100% on the nose. Sad, tired, and disappointed basically sums up the Halo fan base. Anger and resentment are only natural now.


:clown_face:: “343 stop being silent. Share something about what you’re doing to keep the game alive!!!”

343: “Here’s a couple small novels about various systems in the game, why they are how thei are, and what we think we need to do to fix it. Next week we’ll tell you what we think we f’d up on so we know not to keep doing it!”

:clown_face:: "WhErE’s ThE iNfOoOoOoO??!1?1!ii!!?? "

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:clown_face: “I can’t read at all”

Actually if you read the topic description properly you may understand.

:clown_face: “Hahahaha yes 343 has loaded this game with content”

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Don’t think we need an overview of season 1 since I think we all know what it was. I’d rather have new info.


Incoming a very long blog post with no info. Maybe something along the lines: Halo is indeed a game. We hear you loud and clear. Stuff is coming at a later date :facepunch:


That’s all I’m expecting. Even then, knowing that’s all we’re getting, it will still be disappointing.

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Overview of Season 1? My man, relax. It’s an Early Access Beta. Give 343 some slack. They’ve only had fifty times the staff, one hundred times the budget, and two times the amount of time Bungie had to make their games. They’re doing their best. Remember, this game has a 10 year plan.

I’m sure it will be a fun game in 117 months


“We hear your feedback and we’re working hard on implementing it… after we take a week long Easter break here at the 343.”


10 years? 10 years, by then the new Xbox will be out and Infinite will be dead.

Paraphrased - Norman Osborn


I actually don’t think there will be another Xbox.

PlayStation claimed during E3 that PlayStation 5 will likely be their last console as they move onto a streaming platform.

Microsoft designed Windows 11 to be compatible with almost anything, and replace the need for a next Xbox, since Game Pass is preinstalled on Windows 11.

I also don’t think that Nintendo has any gimmick ideas for a future console, since they didn’t even invent the Wii, they bought it from third-party developer, and the Switch is just a modified Android tablet and a worse version of the Wii U, since the Joycons are trash.

The age of consoles is dying. PC technology is advancing too quickly, and VR is becoming the new household standard. Even Samsung and Valve agree that console gaming probably won’t last another 10 years.

Also, there’s no way Halo Infinite can continue to support both brand new PC technology and super old Xbox One technology on the same servers. Xbox One will get dropped, just like when Destiny dropped Xbox 360 support, and maybe Series S will get dropped, for only X and PC support in 10 years, because man Halo Infinite is horribly optimized as it is, I can’t imagine it in 10 years with all of the “DLC” trying to run on older outdated hardware.

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I don’t know what you’re on but the joycons aren’t trash, yes they have issues, name me one console controller that doesn’t, however to call the Switch a modified android is a bit inaccurate as the Switch can play games an android can’t.

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Wait is switch actually operating on some sort of Linux build or you just saying it’s an operating system on a mobile device

The whole reason Nintendo is struggling to port Wii games on Switch is because the Joycons are lacking proper accelerometers and just are not up to par with the Motion+ Wiimotes thay came out with Wii Sports Resort 13 years ago. Joycon drift isn’t their only issue.

The Switch is basically a glorified Chinese Android tablet with a modified SD card slot. People have been running Android 10 on it for Android apps and emulators since the beginning of 2021. The Switch also runs perfectly on Android tablets, Chinese Android tablets, and the Steam Deck. It genuinely is basically an Android tablet with Bluetooth controllers docked on the sides of it. Nintendo has been doing their best to dmca takedown videos of people doing these though. Since Nintendo won’t put older consoles on the Switch, luckily Dolphin runs perfectly on Android. It’s just the joycons that suck.

For what it’s worth. Sounds like they are still patching holes in the leaky roof, so I have very low expectations.

At a time when Halo’s competition in the first-person shooter world was taking a step back — sales of Activision’s “Call of Duty: Vanguard” were lower than expected in 2020 and fans assailed EA’s “Battlefield 2042” for releasing in a buggy, unfinished state — 343 and Microsoft were starting to reclaim the genre’s throne. But now, as 343 seeks to build on that success, its earlier gains may be receding.

Halo’s pivot to a live service model has come with some hiccups. The gripes from players began over a progression system that seemed overly long and laborious. More recently, players have groused about a lack of new content coming into the game and the delayed reintroduction of co-op modes and the game’s Forge feature. A March update announced neither would be ready for the beginning of May, as initially planned.

French is very — very — aware of the complaints. As someone who plays the game every night, he said, he shares them. However, at the moment his team is prioritizing lingering issues from a launch that required completely rebuilding the engine used in “Halo 5″ and expanding on to PCs.

“We always talk about it as like, putting it on the Hudson, right?” French said, referring to the 2009 emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in New York’s Hudson River. “We landed safely. That’s good. Now we’ve got to kind of get momentum going again.”

French said he and his team spent the year following the 2020 delay announcement strengthening the game’s foundation, work that continues today.

“It’s improving our platform, building, strengthening the foundation, and that includes things like ranked [mode],” French said. “We know we can make it better. We wanted to make it better. We dreamed of it being better. Let’s push it in that direction. And, you know, with PC being a new thing for us, there’s issues we need to address there.

“There will be new maps, there’ll be new modes, there’ll be new experiences, there’ll be new features,” he added. “I’m very excited to actually see what the players think when we actually get to unleash it on them.”

“Inside ‘Halo’s’ universal aspirations” (March 24, 2022)

No one said there was enough content. As a Series X owner, the game itself functions great, my only complaint is the volume of content

Especially when you compare the games industry to literally any other industry where you get very little info about upcoming products before they’re released or right skit to be released.

Sure, 343 hadn’t delivered a phenomenal live service so far. But to imply they haven’t been communicating is just flat out wrong imo

Good maybe this time you will take something and look at its face value then discover what it really is instead of saying “343 good”

The reason 343 has done the bare minimum to support this game so far is because the game wasn’t finished/ready to ship to begin with. You can think upper management for that. Now the devs are just trying to finish the basics that would have come with the game day one.