Size in Characters

Why the hell is Locke and the others the same size as the Spartans on Blue Team. Blue team was altered in the SII project. Project Spartans were always taller and what not from others. Locke and Osiris (not to mention all the new spartans) are NOT altered or have been experimented on. Bad Character Creation. Along with the Elites being that much taller all of a sudden than Chief

Actually, the new Spartans have also been augmented, though no where near to the extent the S-IIs were.

However, you are right. S-IIs were forcefully augmented as children, which affected their growth rates. They are supposed to be larger than S-IVs, who were voluntarily augmented to a lesser degree as adults.

And Elite always were taller than S-IIs. Average S-II height is around 7ft. Average Elite height is around 8 - 9ft.

I believe the Spartan 4 are still genetically modified just less evasive and not to the extent of the 2s

Yeah, not to the extent is what I meant. Locke shouldn’t be as tall as Chief. And Chief has always been as tall as elites and stood on par with Arbiter in past games. Now it’s all changed and the difference bugs me

Height and Weight of SPARTANS characters (height is armored, weight is not):

  • Chief-117: 7’02"; 286.6 lb. - Fred-104: 7’01"; 286.0 lb. - Linda-058: 7’0"; 240.0 lb. - Kelly-058: 6’11"; 250.0 lb. - Spartan Locke: 6’10"; 260 lb. - Spartan Vale: 6’09"; 224 lb. - Spartan Buck: 6’09"; 250 lb. - Spartan Tanaka: 6’07"; 239 lb.