Six person multiplayer?

I don’t know if anyone from 343 actually reads these forums but I’ll toss the question out anyway - Is Halo Infinite EVER going to allow a six-person fireteam for multiplayer (NOT BTB)?

I’ve been playing Halo since launch day 1 of Halo:CE along with my 5 other friends and it’s always worked out perfectly! We typically have six of us every week and every previous version of Halo had at LEAST six people for multi.

I certainly get it, bigger game, bigger resources, blah blah. Can 343 maybe work less toward making Halo Infinite their version of Call of Duty and focus on the things that matter to the decades-long fans that have been supporting this game since the beginning?

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Are you asking for a six verses six playlist?

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I’d like a 6v6 eventually, but I don’t think it needs to be a top priority at the moment. Mid-sized maps like Launch Site and a reworked Behemoth would be well-suited for it.

Unpopular opinion, but Halo 4’s Squad Battle was one of my favorite playlists.