Six months in space? How?

Spoiler warning for the ending of the game.

Did I miss something in the game as far as a lore drop?

How did the Chief survive six months in space around Zeta; does anyone know? If so, please link the source of the answer.

I just can’t wrap my head around it with existing lore about MJOLNIR’s capabilities, unless either A) the newest MJOLNIR platform has integrated cryo pod functionality or B) whatever sent the Chief and the Weapon three days into the future at the end of the game also sent him six months into the future at the start of the game. Neither is particularly satisfying to my sensibilities.

Life-support that knocks the wearer into a comatose state and regulates their body through their Nerual-Lace systems to require less metabolism.

Combined with the fact that the suit recycles fecal matter and urine into ACTUAL nutrients and water, and you got yourself a great suit for survival in the void of space. Perhaps for 7 months before the O2 recycler can no longer salvage your CO2.


… Huh.
There’s mention of that kind of material reclamation system in Glasslands, but having it function that long? Not to mention the CO2 scrubber. I’d really have liked to see something like this in the books, even a test in a semi-joking fashion, before being used as a major plot facilitator.

“What happened to SPARTAN Grif?”
“Oh, he volunteered to test the new suit systems.”
“… That call was three months ago. What is he testing?”
“The limits of the onboard recycling and survival systems.”
“…He’s napping, isn’t he.”
“And getting paid to do so. Hey, you think you could run active camo at the same time?”


They do have it mentioned in the books.
Early models allow an ODST to be able to re-breathe air for half-an-hour.

Given that now the UNSC has developed technologies with the help of Huragok Engineers and reverse-engineered forerunner tech to jump a tier forward in their tech-trees; think it is pretty safe to say that the suits are really well designed when compared to the earlier models in the series.

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I hear ya, it just feels off that we were never shown the scale of those capabilities before it was suddenly very important to have the Chief inactive long enough to be unable to counter the Banished primary offensive on Zeta.

Re-breathing for half an hour is far and away a different beast to six months, even in an induced coma. Same for the material recycling. A week or two? Sure, my suspension of disbelief can stretch that far. Six months, I’m gonna need a demo, a tech sheet, something before I can swallow that one.

And to top it all off, we’re still guessing. Nothing concrete as to the how of the matter.


bad writing that’s how
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“If” the suit has integrated such a feature, it has to be about some sort of cyro-state. Just recycling urin and CO2 won’t work. The main issue probably is zero gravity. After all this time, Chief would have lost all of his muscles (unless his Spartan-mutations also prevent this…).

Even worse:
If chief had any kind of bleeding because of his fight with Atriox, those wounds can’t heal in zero g.

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In Layman’s terms, GEN 3 MJOLNIR is built a little quirky

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I actually didn’t feel like this was too crazy. If they are going for the “mjolnir can cryo people” thing though, it would be cool to see a cryo bay for spartans, which would make sense. You come out of slipspace and find yourself under attack by a kig-yar flotilla? Would be nice to be able to thaw out some Spartans real quick!

That was the most concisely ‘engineer’ statement I’ve ever read on a casual forum.

Bravo :clap::clap::clap:

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Dude is entombed in a 1000lb battle suit, cratered onto Earth from low orbit skitching momentum on an ancient FTL capable warship breaking through the planet’s atmosphere in a cone of fire.

Pretty sure there’s some precedent to survive for 7 months in space, surviving a head on collision with a 30mph traffic cone though? Jury’s still out on that one I’m afraid.


Im more concerned about how echo managed to survive on his own 6 months inside a pelican drifting in space.

The noticeable lack of crew mates should give you an idea as to how :upside_down_face:

At least he’ll get some cool armor from being killed by the cone.

yeah but, does the pelican can provide enough supplies to survive for all that time? food? water? basic needs? the cold of space? lol

How the banished didnt detect a fully working ship for 6 months?? If you ask me it seems that all these little details happened because the plot said so.


I think you missed the joke lol.

Was it ever confirmed that Echo 216 was in orbit for 7 months? I can grow a beard like his in one, but that doesn’t mean much.

Well theres nothing extra in game that tells you otherwise. And considering his reaction when you enter the ring

Gravity does not make blood flow. The circulatory system does.

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Listen to halo infinite memory agent on Spotify and all your questions are answered

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It’s actually more complicated than that / those are two different things.

For example:
Let’s say you have a small cut and are bleeding. Because of zero gravity, the blood would probably form a “floating bubble” around the wound and drift away. But for the healing-process, it needs to remain at the wound, so it can clot and “seal” it.

There is little research for internal wounds in zero gravity, but there needs to be some sort of pressure to stop the bleeding, aka gravity “pulling the blood down”.

Long story short:
Wounds are really the last thing you want to have in space.