Sith Remnant


Sith Remnant are looking for active Halo players (Windows/Steam/Xbox) to help breathe life into the game again! We also cover other games but this post is for Halo primarily.

Whether you’re a veteran, a scrub or a new player - we don’t care. We are looking to cover everything from custom, social and competitive playlists and do everything we can to keep the Halo spirit alive until we see the Chief again in Infinite!

If you need any other information you can contact me via Waypoint or gamertag (xRDAx xSEK3N) or feel free to respond below with your steam, discord or gamertags.
We also have an active discord and website.

You can also apply to the spartan company - Sith Remnant Halo information can be seen here.

Our website.

If you’re in any way interested, please get in touch.

We are still looking for active members of the community to join!

You can freely join our Discord directly here or from the link on our website!

Join the 479th ENG, we’ll gladly accept you and your members.

We are still looking for people to play Halo MCC!

Even if you don’t want to take part in an org, it is a good place to find like-minded Halo players.

Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people?
Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock?

Well I’m looking to beef up our Halo Community on behalf of the Sith Remnant!
Feel free to contact me and / or check out our Organisation links!
Gamertag: xRDAx xSEK3N

Spartan Company Primary: Sith Remnant
Spartan Company Secondary: Sith Remnant 2
Xbox Club Link

We are still looking for active Halo players to help create a living community :slight_smile: