Sith Imperial Royal Guard Recruitment

The Sith Empire website

Hello everyone my name is DaBigestBob. This post is about the prestigous Royal Guard of the Sith Empire. We are currently recruiting for its ranks and we would love to see more forces.

As a member of the Royal Guard you are entitled to some perks. You would be one of the most respected members in the clan. You act directly from Bobs authority or in rare cases the Shadow Hand of the Empire. You would be the secret police of the Empire making sure order is maintained on the forums and online. This role is highly important.

However there are some requirements;
*You must be loyal to the Empire and to DaBigestBob
*Must be Mature and at least 13 years old
*Must be dedicated
*Must be able to moderate
*Must be somewhat skilled at the game

So if you think you have what it takes to be Royal Guard pm DaBigestBob now and then apply on the website. The Empire needs you!

You know, I would join… but the thing is, I don’t take orders. so if you would hire me and let me do my own, then we’ll talk. because you could always use my help, but I don’t necessarily need yours.