Sinister Spartans {SS} recruiting!

Hello everyone, I am Grim (aka Blaine) and I am recruiting for a brand new clan called Sinister Spartans (SS). Being this is a brand new clan brought up by me, there is little detailed information that has been implemented yet such as rules, requirements, etc…

I am currently in search of someone who would like to help lead this clan with me and help to establish all the information needed for it, anyone is accepted, while I am also recruiting other members.

What makes this clan unique is its connection with its members. The clan (or group) is going to be a small exclusive clan of about 25-30 members. The reason for this is while being in a big clan can be cool and fun, there are so many members that you don’t know even half of them. Other reasons are that in a big clan you aren’t personally connected with other players and leaders, that’s all they are to you is leaders, not friends you can have a fun discussion with while playing. Now although it might be different for some people, this smaller exclusive clan can offer many fun, new things for it’s members.

We will simply all be good well known friends to eachother and play both laid back for fun and competivley when we want. Halo 4 and Halo: MCC will be our only focus, we will play forge, customs, and matchmaking together whenever we want and there are no requirements to be online all the time. We will have a meeting night every once in a while to discuss what is going on and the status of out members, other than that our mission is to play talk and have fun. We will even have nights with halo canon discussions, achievement hunting nights, easter egg hunting nights, and much more.

So please, if you are interested in joining, comment or msg txgrim4 on xbl as soon as possible.

The only preferred requirements for now are that you have a working mic, over 15 years old, and possibly plan or already plan to get halo: MCC.

Thank you

Damn,I cant join XD

Im 12. Tho I have a mic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey txgrim, why don’t you sign up your clan to The Nexus? It’ll be a good way of getting your clan known to other leaders. It’s also got a few good features you can use as a leader to help track your clans progress in the community. A great tool for a well organised clan.

Give it at