Single reward vectors: 343 goes back on its word...?

Edit: panic over, the waypoint app is behaving weirdly and showing incorrect items in the store. The battle pass items are not appearing in the store in the game, so it’s all good :blush:

Inside Infinite September:

One of the team’s core pillars for player customization is ensuring that each unlock come from a single consistent vector. With our Player First design pillar, we want to ensure that we’re respecting players’ time for unlocks they’ve earned and purchases they make. For customization, this means ensuring that each unlock comes from a consistent vector. If you choose to purchase a Battle Pass, the content within that pass won’t be offered via any other means.

But I’ve just seen this on here:

I’m sorry, I don’t want to moan but when I purchased the battle pass it was partly through FOMO as I didn’t want to miss out on the Reach armour that I thought was only going to be available via it.

Now I’ve seen the above it means I’m not sure what I can trust anymore regarding the monetisation and store aspects of the game.

I think 343 need to clarify the situation regarding battle pass items and if they can be obtained through other means.


This is slightly off topic, but the Battle Passes for Infinite never expire and can be purchased later, so I’m not sure why you would have FOMO outside of a misunderstanding.

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I was not sure you’d be able to purchase this battle pass after season one ends. Have they stated that anywhere?

I know once it’s purchased it lasts forever though.

It’s not exactly clear on the Halo Support website, but the FAQ states that Battle Passes are permanently available and upgrading it is always an option. I remember one of the livestreams talking about it as well. The wording is confusing, but a bunch of game journalists interpret that as “Can buy whenever.” I’m leaning towards that interpretation as well, but we could be wrong.

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I interpreted it as: if you purchase the battle pass then only those items would be exclusively available to those players. But, seeing, as it is, one would not have to purchase the battle pass if the items will be for sell in the store at some point down the road.

If one is able to purchase anything individually that the battle pass has to offer, then there may be even less incentive to purchase the battle pass at all.

OK, well that’s actually good to know!

I just want to say I found out I was wrong because the waypoint app showed the item, but the game does not show it in the bundle.

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Looks like the Waypoint app is just being buggy as usual. It said it was selling the Mark VII helmet yesterday, but it wasn’t in game.

How much more would you spend buying it all individually than to just buy the battle pass? And you still need the core.

Although I was wrong, someone else in that thread pointed out that bundle contains Emile’s left shoulder and helmet attachment. And those are in the BP, but technically only usable as a kit as Emile. So will that technicality be okay with what they stated in the quote above? Idk.

I mean, not exactly, since a kit isn’t individual armor pieces, and the shop is the only way to obtain the pieces for customization on any helmet. The technicality that 343 is riding on, is you can’t buy the exact same item from a BP in the shop

No like I said, I already have those helmet attachments from the BP. Level 2 and 9. You can get attachments in the BP.

Level 2 and 9 attachments aren’t on sale in the shop

I’m not sure if this is a personal question or not. But, personally, I would just buy the battle pass. I think the option would to only buy pieces and not everything. For example: (Hypothetically) I don’t want to buy the battle pass but the level 100 reward looks awesome. I’ll wait until it comes out in the store so I can purchase it solely. And, possibly it’s half the price of the battle pass.

I hope that makes sense.

Realistically speaking, any armor effects, and especially movement effects, would be $20 at the minimum in the shop, so you’d be better off just getting the whole Battle Pass

I’d prefer if the core was a free reward anyways.

And it was meant as a general getting the battle pass vs buying each set in it individually sort of question, not directly of you.

Specifically the core. So any player can get the store bundles or weekly rewards for it, or just run the default armor if they really want to.

I know I worded it weirdly, but I’m not saying that right now. I’m saying you can get helmet attachments in the BP and that’s how I got those ones. You said you cannot get helmet attachments in the BP, but only in the store.

No worries, thanks for letting me know. I’ll edit the OP. I’m just happy they’ve not gone back on their word.

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No I just meant the Emile helmet attachment in the shop works for all helmets

Yeah that seems realistic. I think what we are getting at is if you had the option to pay for a single item in the shop, that was offered in the battle pass as well. So instead of the effect reward, let’s change it to a visor color. If all you wanted out of the battle pass was that one visor, would you buy the battle pass for $10 or the visor for $5. And that’s only if they set it up to purchase items that were already tied to the battle pass.