Single player campaign save glitch

So I’m on halo 2 campaign and have a checkpoint. I’m on mission uprising and when I got far into the level i had to go to work and when I come back home I resume the mission and it takes me back to the start of the level. This has happened quite a few time on previous missions of halo2 but it could be happening on others too. ive been doing solo legendary and it’s been pretty frustrating.343 please look into this bug as it is of upmost importance

Hey! I’ve had the same problem with Halo 2. Its happened on quite a few of the levels. I get so far in the mission get to a checkpoint, save and exit the game. When I go back into it starts me of back at the beginning! its so FUSTRATING!! I’m also playing it on legendary spending quite a while trying to get past certain sections of the game for it to kick me back to the start once I reload the save!! I feel your pain!!

Me too.
I beat Truth & Reconciliation, and got to the third mission: The Silen Cart. I even advanced on it for a while. Sure I got at least 10 checkpoints.

Today I just got home and I find out am at middle of the Truth and Reconciliation again. This is the second time I face similar issue.

Serious I don’t want to beat Truth and Reconciliation a THIRD TIME on legendary. I have other things to do then relive my day again and again.

Although it looks like I am going to play it for the god -Yoink!- third time.

This has been a problem since release. This is a campaign bug, so it’s not being addressed yet due to the popularity of Matchmaking. Unfortunately Matchmaking is where the money is, so they’re fixing that first. Which sucks for people who are fans of the campaigns. I favor the campaign over MM in every Halo. So with the fifth patch out today and no fix, I’m bummed. We just have to be patient. Atleast the remastered H2 looks amazing.

I know we will probably have to wait for campaign to get fixed because of all the focus on matchmaking, but I hope I am not the only one with a “black screen” bug. I used to have that bug where I would start a level over, and sometimes I still do, but I’d rather re-do a section than what I have now. I’ve been doing halo 2 campaign on legendary and when I try to continue after a little break, I load the last checkpoint and all with one major difference: my tv is black in the campaign, and returns to normal when I pause the game or return to the menu only. As big as matchmaking is, campaign needs to be priority too.

Yea I also get the black screen when reloading the game but least I know it hasn’t put me back to the start of the game when it does that! I have to change from original to the updated version to get the picture back.

I also prefer the story of halo over the multiplayer so rather the bugs get fixed for the campaigns then mp.

I had his and found quitting out the game completely (going to dashboard, pressing start > quit) worked for me. I know it hasn’t worked for everyone but might be worth a try