Single Player Bugs I have encountered

I finally finished all four halos today. Here are the bugs I have encountered

Halo ce

quit during 343 guilty spark. My Dave continued in the library. 343 was listed as completed but the achievement did not pop

halo 2 anniversary

halo 3
completed the ark. The achievement has popped but the level is listed as incomplete.(the achievement for finishing the game also popped)

halo 4 (this had crazy amount of bugs)
forerunner. Exited half way through the level. Went to restart the game resumed on requiem. Finished forerunner again. No record of it being completed(no achievement either)

infinity (played straight through)
no record of having completed and no achievement

half way through, the map disappeared. Tried to restart from last checkpoint but the same issue. Restarted the mission. Completed it. No record of completion and no achievement.

no record of completion but the achievement popped

no record of completion

half way through when trying to resume had the could not track build error(black screen red writing). Redid the level, no achievement and no
record of completion

no achievement for finishing halo 4 on normal.

no achievement for finishing all 4 games.

this is the first time I have finished all of these games and had an absolute blast. However, as much as I don’t mind the game not saving the records of completed missions, I would love the achievements to pop. Is this possible as they are stored online??