Single player AI arena in Halo Infinite & More

This a relatively unmentioned topic throughout most of the community as I don’t see many requesting this. But aside from the campaign and custom games, there next to nothing to satisfy any players who don’t have Xbox live gold like me :(. While I obviously want campaign and multiplayer to be in this game (why wouldn’t I), I think there can also be a third, offline gametype because when I was younger, I used to and still do play a game called Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) which had Instant action which was basically a singleplayer multiplayer, you vs AI. Every map and gamemode in the multiplayer from conquest to heroes vs villains was available in instant action. Personally, I believe Halo Infinite should have a similar feature, even if it just has slayer and BTB, I’ll be happy, I just would like to have an offline PVE feature in Halo Infinite as well as campaign and multiplayer and think it would be a very nice feature to have in the game for those who don’t have the ability to play multiplayer.

Here’s also some weapons and vehicles and maps I would like to see return in this game (besides the obvious)


  • railgun - sticky detonator - brute shot - sentinel beamVehicles:

  • Falcon - mantis - Elephant - chopper - hornetmaps:

  • Sidewinder - bloodgulch - hang em high - lockout - the pit
    Note: I would also like dual wielding to return like most others

Some type of Arena/Custom Games bot option could add replayabilty and value to offline players for sure! I’d personally rather see a real Firefight mode brought back first, but that certainly isn’t a bad idea. As far as the other elements you’re presenting to bring back, I’m in favor of almost all of them. The exceptions (kind of) being map remasters and dual wielding.

I’m totally onboard for one or two remasters of classic maps (an honest-to-God Blood Gulch remaster would be amazing at this point and for some reason I’ve got a hankering to see what a Guardian remaster would look like), Forge eliminates the need for 343i to devote a ton of development resources into making remasters of classic, favorite maps. I’m happy to see them reallocate those resources into making the game more robust and better rounded off generally.

As far as dual wielding goes, the reason I’ve heard for its removal in the first place and the thing that makes the most logical sense to me as a reason that it may not actually be the best thing to see return is that it creates balancing issues in the weapon sandbox. To me, the way overpowered dual Needlers and Newb Combo Mag+Plasma pistol in Halo 2 demonstrate the problem as well as the pretty impotent Magnum in Halo 3 demonstrates the problem of trying to correct it. I’m in favor of all the weapons you’re proposing they bring back being in Infinite, but I think the bigger the weapon sandbox, the harder it is to keep dual wielding at all tenable from a balancing standpoint. Just my opinion and hopefully something to think on!

Bots that can play deathmatch and CTF! Like in unreal tournament.