Single keybinding for cycling equipment

Hello. This is not a complaint so much as a request. I would absolutely prefer a single “cycle equipment” keybinding rather than 4 separate buttons. Please consider adding this feature, im sure i wont be the only person to find it preferable.

Keyboard and mouse by the way. And steam, if that matters.

Cheers either way!


Agree. Even on PC, I would rather hit one of my extra mouse buttons to swap equipment. I do this currently to swap between grenades. Thanks.


im all aboard for a cycling through through equipment and grenades on both controller and kbm inputs, absolutly no reason it should be dpad left and then what ever to change just have them on one input but just cycle through them


I’m in the same boat actually. I’d like one key to cycle through equipment if possible like grenades. This way I can bind 1 for weapon swaps, 2 for grenade swaps, 3 for equipment swaps

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Agree that this would be an awesome thing for a Keybind, but I might honestly appreciate it even more when I play with a controller. Memorizing D-Pad sequences to cycle equipment is even more cumbersome and annoying than selecting them each with unique keys. It would be cool to have the option to cycle through with the right D-Pad tap rather than being presented with the additional context menu every time. Also, for “pro” style controllers with extra buttons and back paddles, adding the option to hotkey particularly equipment to specific buttons would be awesome. That flexibility at least exists for KBM already.

Again, 100% agree with the initial idea for a cycle equipment keyboard binding, just want to bring up some similar issues on the controller side of things as a player who goes back and forth between KBM and controller play.

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I agree with this - it took so long to get accustomed to it in campaign, and then in multiplayer it is a single press - just keep it the same pl0x

i’m on xbox and this feature would be a dream to have

Plus one to this request, please!

some people may hate weapon/equipment wheels, but they honestly work well for console… you’d just hold the button, quickly highlight the item, then let it go and you’re done, while tapping it just cycles through, I think it would be better,…