Sincere Suggestions for the 343 Team - Thanks

  • Be capable of earning back credits through battle pass and campaign or possibly playing modes that need players once full game is released

  • Be able to specify paints for specific parts of uniform and not one paint for entire uniform

  • More steady XP system that rewards general performance not tied to challenges

  • Scorpion tanks and wraiths should have another way to obtain other than waiting for a random drop that can possibly never come or being forced to use custom game

  • The melee system seems off at times

  • More maps and more throwbacks such as: Lockout, Ivory Tower, Blood Gulch/Coagulation, Ascension, Midship, etc. - THIS would be purchased from the store by any OG fans BTW if you’re looking for a way to benefit both sides in the transaction

  • Dual wield weapons

  • Bringing back elites as playable in Multiplayer? This made halo 2 diverse with both strategy and favorness for different body types

  • Bring back the SMG from halo 2

  • Add more adult voice-lines and a possible M rated graphics option for us fans that have been there for 20 years…I get you’re trying to open the audience which is fine selling as a T rated game and genius in many ways but its also not completely fair to the OG fans whom want that M rating for several reasons (adult voices, not corny lines, blood/gore) i if this is the REVAMP we need to do it right…right?


bump, i hope the above suggestions are seen by staff/someone that knows staff

For a few of your points

  • I don’t really agree with selling maps. With how the prices are now, it’d be like $40 for one map.
  • Halo really only got the M rating in the early days due to the blood. Just wanted to point that out.
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you forgot to mention the Plasma rifle, the Spirit dropship, and the shotgun. i mean, seriously! no SHOTGUN!? i love infinite, but even i think this is stupid!

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Seriously, this thread has been dead for a year. Did you just scroll for 2 hours and pick a thread at random?