Since you market the mp as free to play and monetize (over)proportionally

60€ for just the campaign “dlc” is overcharging by a lot :shushing_face::money_mouth_face:

with a couple days since the official release i’m still quite amazed by the way this game is monetized. not even going into details in regards to the shop prices / battle pass content… having a formerly “complete package”, dividing it and presenting both halves as two kinda independent things.
then selling one half for the original package price while using the free-to-play moniker on the other half to slap on (not so) micro transactions… man every time this crosses my mind i have to smile and shake my head :grin:

i have to hand it to you, you really did employ some top notch staff for this monetization scheme^^

have your cake and eat it, but don’t try to convince me sh*t doesn’t smell :wink:

nevertheless, i do enjoy the gameplay (inspite of some flaws), so cheers for that :grinning:


The game is to have a 10 year life span. Why would they make everything easy to get/unlock/achieve right out of the gate.

It’s not about making every thing easy to unlock out the gate. It’s the fact every other Halo had MP attached to it for free and with more content. 343 decided to make us pay $60 for a short campaign make MP free to play and then make the shop items ridiculously high. Even though the game is good it’s literally a cash grab. Lasting 10 years is no excuse for those shop prices and how little customization and unlocks we do have even for those who paid $60 for the campaign we get next to nothing in terms of extra MP items for customization besides a color for our Spartan and guns.



that did not regard my point in any way though? :thinking: i do not ask for everything to be made easy to get/unlock/achieve.


yes, exactly! wouldn’t even say the mp was attached for free. i would bet most(?) buyers in their mind paid equally for everything / all modes previously.

On top of QoL and bug fixes I just hope for:

  • Reduced store prices / increased value from the BP.
  • Great, expansive Campaign DLC
  • Improved multiplayer maps and playlists

I know they had to scrap like 2/3rds of the game and pushed out the most operational and minimum working version - I still have some hope for the game.

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yeah, i can totally get behind those points.

my main issue right now falls within the bug fix category… would love to actually get into two btbs in a row. but at least they acknowledged the connection issue in the last update so i’m looking forward to a fix soon (hopefully).

i don’t believe they will change the current bp though. they have many construction sites atm and any changes they will make to the bp system, if any at all, will probably only affect future bps.

besides campaign dlc i am also looking forward to forge and firefight, but tbh i already wonder how those will be monetized… :sweat_smile:

oh well, hope springs eternal :crossed_fingers:

Ah yeah Co-op and Forge, somehow forgot about those haha!

I was excited for co-op to begin with but after playing the campaign and whatnot - I feel like I’d just prefer Firefight or something with my friends instead.

I know most of these things will be a while off but they’ll know what people want the most.