Since when updates became req drops

I don’t know if we are expecting too much of 343i, or the way they advertise stuff is totally wrong. We were promised monthly free updates. First they delay one, jumping a month (therefore not keeping their promise) and then the recent Hog Wild update is only a req drop, no new maps, no new game types, and no UI changes (I don’t Forge, so judge what I’m about to say taking that into consideration), when one of the most needed UI changes is the req arrangement (organization of armor, loadout weapons, power weapons, vehicles, etc.)

I think I expected more of 343i with each update, but not because they are 343i, it’s because the game is Halo, and Halo always exceeded my expectations before…
…I can barely say that now.

(Yes, I’m complaining, but I’m not saying that 343i is doing everything wrong, or that I don’t like the direction Halo is going with 343i, I’m just saying that I expected a little bit more of them)

343 decided to take some content out of Hog Wild and push it back into the next update, for reasons I do not know.

Since the rest of the update was moved to the next one, that’s when.

We’ve had this topic a few times since the update dropped - OP, I cant quote it right now but some of the Hog Wild stuff was pushed back to the firefight update to give them extra time Check the community updates for more details :slight_smile: