Since we're on the topic of restoring cut content

:warning: Spoiler Alert :warning:

Ever wonder what Rtas Vadum meant by “That stench…I’ve smelled it before?”

Well, that’s because he has. The mission involving the assassination of the Heretic was not the only time he’s encountered the Flood. In fact, there was another mission planned to be featured in Halo 2.

If you’ve read The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor graphic novel, you’ll be very familiar with the story of this cut mission as they’re one in the same. All this news about restore cut content has me wondering if we’re finally going to get play this mission.

Hopefully, we’ll get to play as Shipmaster Vadum.

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I think it was cut very early so they don’t have anything about it. I still hope for missions like forerunner tank


You’re probably right. It doesn’t mention any sort of playable build from the wiki page.

It’s a nice concept though.

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Forerunner Tank would have been an awesome mission btw. In the underground tunnels of the library, seeing the gravemind tentacles around you… i hope they have more cut missions, not just the moon
Also, they didn’t say anything about the cut halo 2 warthog run, but since it was cut pretty late, they should be able to restore it

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GeneralKidd made a video on that lost run. It’s actually been restored to some degree.

I’m guessing there’s a part where you’re near the in amber clad and there’s a stray warthog there.

Oh you’ll like this

https://youtu. be/ZXwEw3jM-h4

They even have the music and everything.

Yeah i’ve seen it, shortly after it was published.
I’ve wanted to play it so bad, you can’t imagine. All i could play was a version of it without enemies and music, not the same thing obviously