Since we keep on adding cut content, where is Hayabusa Gen-2?

For those of you who do not know, Hayabusa armor was supposed to receive the Gen-2 design update for Halo 4. However the DLC Pack the armor was to come in was scrapped, though Liquid Development still possess the 3D model specs and the files are likely to be still embedded in Halo 4’s cache of inactive files.


Oddly enough, this armor set did not come to Halo 5 Guardians, meanwhile the Mark IV armor set that was intended to also be a DLC armor set did eventually become updated into Halo 5’s armor cosmetics roster.

My current theory is that this armor was not allowed to be used because of the name “Hayabusa”.
For context, Team Ninja develops Ninja Gaiden and the Dead or Alive franchises.
Bungie and Team Ninja managed to do a crossover deal.
Dead or Alive 4 would feature a Spartan fighter and an Orbital Defense MAC Station as an arena.
Halo 3 would then feature the Hayabusa armor in reference to Ninja Gaiden’s protagonist of the same name.

It is likely that 343 was unable to get a renewal of the legalwork to have Hayabusa Gen-2 be a thing.

But as you can see in the images above, the model is practically finished.

So why not just rename it and then release it for Halo 4 MCC or Halo 2 Anniversary as a content update?
Just rename the armor set to be called “Ninja” or “Hanzō” and then the legalities would not be in the way.

Thoughts anyone?


It still might be considered a bit too similar to Ryu Hayabusa’s armor design for the Microsoft/343i legal team to give the green light to its addition into MCC.

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Doubtful, seeing as the Venator armor is a direct reference to Dead Space 2’s Advanced RIG.

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Reference isn’t quite right more like inspired by. Given that the armor never made it, 343’s legal definitely seems like the blocker. Even if they change the name the armor set would still need to be reviewed and approved given its cross over origin. The “Jurassic Park” skins and nameplate were modified after their release because 343’s legal team got cold feet about the distinctness of the asset.

I’m still confused why we haven’t seen the Legacy ODST Chest and Shoulders added to Halo 3 like the Helmet originally was in 2007, same for the Hornet Pilot Helmet.

And then there’s the missing Halo Reach chest thats still yet to be released, as well as the 6-7 Halo Online sets that were slated for Halo 3

Okay… So that’s a reference. A Reference is not a direct, DIRECT collaboration, Rambo. EA/Visceral Games had no involvement in Venator’s creation. What so ever.

TEAM NINJA absolutely did have involvement in Hayabusa’s development and, beyond that, hosted a Spartan in Dead or Alive 4. Along with Cairo Station as a stage.

That was back in 2006-2007. Since then the collaborative/legal has been complex and is the reason we didn’t get Hayabusa in Halo 4 or 5. We’re probably not ever getting it again.

Well, none of those things were ever added to Halo 3 in the past anyway so there isn’t much precedent.

they were?

the ODST helmet for the NPC Variant was duplicated and received a Touchup to be used by the Spartan Biped in 2007. The Shoulders and Chest armor did not get the same treatment likely due to time and/or storage constraints, however are still in-game on the NPC ODST’s, and could get the same treatment at any point to be usable like the Helmet (same with the Hornet Pilot Helmet and Chest).

Honestly, they could also do the same with the Pilot gear that is worn by the Hornet and Pelican NPCs in Halo 3. The assets are already there, all you would have to do is allow the cosmetic system access to the files.


I am not even the first person to come up with this idea, as this was drawn up by someone a few years back.



…I meant the chest and shoulders, Omega. OBVIOUSLY the ODST helmet was in Halo 3 as a Spartan helmet.

Come on.

Everyone knows that.

I’m saying that there’s no precedent past the helmet. Would I LIKE it? Sure! I’d like a full-mask version of the Marine helmet too! But we’re probably not getting it.

Remember, in Halo 3 there…
11 Helmets
8 Shoulders
7 Chests (and the Bungie one. - Katana was just Hayabusa though.)

Not all helmets had corresponding full sets. So it’s not surprising that it went this way. I mean, even MK V technically had to use EOD to look right.

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What I would give to have an NMPD Officer outfit for use in ODST Firefight. Just make the character be Officer Brandley from Sadie’s Story and have him use Chips Dubbo’s voicelines since Brandley and Dubbo use the same voice actor.

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ah, I was actually not completely sure what you meant when you quoted me.

Nevertheless, the point I was making was that the assets are more present than most, and the steps they’d need to take in order to make them fully usable in multiplayer are a lot more straightforward, especially since Bungie laid the groundwork with the ODST helmet. its not as crazy as pushing for 343 to complete the other concept pieces from Halo 3 left on the cutting room floor.

(as a tangent: there sadly are enough of those concept sets to get Rogue and Security to full status too: , though Mark V is really the only lonely helmet unless they were to add the CEA/Raven set to the game. Maybe they, as well as all the other known and unknown concept pieces, will come back with infinite)

Ooh, those’d be cool.

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Why is this thread just ODST now?


Don’t forget these


It would also be cool to include some of these fanmade ones based off of the aforementioned concept art :

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Funnily enough, these ones were recreated as the Breach sets in H2A, just like the Air Assault and Scout helmet concepts were for Halo 4 and Online (which in the formers case, meant it ironically came back to 3, though I wish they brought the latter helmet back too)

Honestly though, all of the concept sets should be brought back in the future, if not for MCC, than at least for Infinite if/when they add a Mark VI core to the game.