Since Slayer playlist is delayed until after Christmas, could you increase the Slayer odds in quickplay somewhat until then?

A Slayer playlist is the most wanted playlist, the 343 dev today confirmed that when he announced the 4 upcoming playlists. Since the wait for the dedicated Slayer playlist is so long, could we at least get better Slayer chances in Quickplay? Maybe temporarily remove CTF, Strongholds, and Oddball weekly challenges from the randomization pool as well so that it doesn’t cause a big issue with making challenges significantly harder to complete.

Nope because then even more players will quit because it’s not oddball or ctf or whatever they have a challenge for.

They should have split quick play into slayer & team objective from day 1, and it’s remarkable that they can’t just flip a switch and do this before Dec 8th let alone January given quickplay already has all the gamemodes fully working in multiplayer.

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That is why I said they should temporarily remove CTF, Strongholds, and Oddball challenges from the weekly challenge randomization pool.

They actually already did this. Week 1, the playlists all had even odds for each gametype. Week 2 and 3 now, you can play slayer on every map, increasing its odds.

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Yeah if all the gametypes are equally weighted (which I’m not sure they are) then Slayer is about 50%+ of all quickplay games.

Ah fair cop I didn’t read that bit :sweat_smile: It’s late lol.
But I mean, I still stand by that they should have split them, because people still wanna play objective (personally I much prefer objective when people actually take it seriously!)

Tbf they should have had at least 3x the amount of playlists they do.

Subjectively at least, I get more Oddball than anything else, Slayer and Strongholds feel about evenly weighted under Oddball, then CTF is the rarest, though still far too common for my tastes. I hate CTF and Oddball and wish I could play Slayer and Strongholds all the time until Slayer gets its own playlist, lol.