Since Microsoft now owns CoD, should CoD characters cross-over as NPC ODSTs?

Think about it.

As a set of side-missions; instead of saving Marines, we save ODSTs that are scattered around the mission areas. And some of these ODSTs are from the 141st Battalion of the ODST Corps (Halo’s rendition of Taskforce 141 from Call of Duty.). Not only from the CoD Modern Warfare games, but also from the Black-Ops and Ghosts games as well?

Members of these teams of ODSTs would include -

  • John Price
  • Johnny “Soap” MacTavish
  • Simon “Ghost” Riley
  • Gary “Roach” Sanderson
  • Kyle “Gaz” Garrick
  • Joseph Allen
  • Yuri
  • Nicolai
  • “Alex”
  • Farah Karim


  • Alex Mason
  • Frank Woods
  • Joseph Bowman
  • Viktor Reznov
  • Jason Hudson
  • Grigori Weaver
  • David Mason


  • Edward Richtofen
  • Tank Dempsey
  • Nikolai Belinski
  • Takeo Masaki


  • Elias “Scarecrow” Walker
  • Gabriel Rorke
  • Thomas Merrick
  • Alex “Ajax” Johnson
  • Keegan Russ
  • Chris “Torch” Greene
  • Riddian “Grim” Poe
  • David “Hesh” Walker
  • Logan Walker

It would make for an interesting crossover idea to say the least.
Plus their cosmetics could be applied to our Spartans in PvP, since most ODST gear is technically MJOLNIR gear that was given separate armor component makeup, internal hardware, and firmware.

Also to add.
If 343 were to add in Firefight, with the off chance that it is more like classic Firefight featuring ODSTs rather than Spartans; we could use ODSTs with separate Armor Cores and cross-core customization for our ODSTs.
For example -

  • Standard Issue would be Halo 3 style ODSTs
  • Halo 2 Anniversary ODSTs as an Armor Core
  • Model IV ODST as an Armor Core (The outdated armor worn by the ODST Sedrans in Halo Nightfall)
  • ONI ODST as an Armor Core from the Halo Nightfall movie.
  • Marine Armor Core where it is the standard Marine Armor of Halo Infinite, but with ODST upgrades able to be applied.

Just some ideas on the off chance that we get an ODST firefight added to the game.
Plus Armor Kits could resemble the Fireteam Raven ODSTs, the Alpha-Nine ODSTs, the Sunray 1-1 ODSTs of Halo Wars 2, and the aforementioned hypothetical 141st Battalion ODSTs.

Whyaddya guys think?


Now that -Yoink!- has COD they can finally pull 343’s funding and shove Halo under the rug. The real money makers belong to them now.

I’m not calling for Call of Duty to overtake Halo.
I’m calling for minor cross-over in the form of characters having ODST counterparts as a cool thing to do.

Why would they do that? Literally every suggestion for Halo games gets ignored and they just take stuff from other pieces of media. I doubt any of the big heads at 343 even know what COD stands for let alone any of its characters.

Bold of you to assume that, considering that 343 was made up from developers that were from other studios that had worked on CoD, which is partially why Halo 4 had loadouts like CoD.

The company was created to make Halo.
And to populate it, they offered people who worked for Raven, Monolith, and other such studios a job at 343.
As for the current roster of staff members, I dunno because people keep on leaving and rotating in.

There will be quite a lot of players crossing over to CoD when MW2 2022 releases :slight_smile:

im one of them now lol thanks to 343

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I never thought about how Microsoft owned both now. That’s wild. I wonder how it will change things.

As much as this sounds fun, I think the reason why this would be fun would be because it would be fun on its own without the Call of Duty tie-in. You just have a great idea in general! The use of a familiar voice and name imparts my memory of these other characters from another series onto this otherwise nameless-with-a-name AI teammate. Now I suddenly care a lot about them and it gives me ideas about what this NPC has been through.

CoD MW2 The Second will likely feature a guy who is a Navy MCPO named John who has 117 kills on record and is always seen wearing a full-encompassing helmet so we never get to see his face. Voiced by Steve Downs of course and built like a gigachad.