Since Halo CEA is linked with Reach multiplayer...

Since Halo CEA is liked with Reach multiplayer…

And by linked I mean on the same disc, does that mean we can get Reach multiplayer cR for completing the Halo CEA campaign?

If that makes sense.

No, I don’t think so, seeing as the campaign is running on the CE engine.

Maybe via challenges, most likely. Anyway, I don’t think the motor matters, you only need a Xbox LIVE connection and when you get back to Reach’s multiplayer it can add the credits, I think.

Hm… let me check my crystal ball. Oh, it says, “most likely”.

we dont know yet…

We’ll most likely find out at HaloFest

That would really be an awesome week 1 CEA challenge. Just like Reach “Complete the CEA Campaign on Heroic or harder difficulty”.

Since it runs on a different engine I am 95% that it’s not possible.

H:CEA’s campaign and the multiplayer part are two completely seperate games for all intends and purposes, so it’s extremely unlikely that anything you can do in the campaign will affect multiplayer or Reach, and vice versa.